Whole lot of shakin' going on

The first one in the pool, 15-month old Great Dane, Kalei, splashes around the shallow end.
Seven-year old Eleanor isn’t so sure about the water, so her owner, Christi, coaxes her in with a pink Croc shoe.
Wading through the shallow end, 2-year old, Rainbow Sparkle Pants, slowly begins to enjoy swimming with her owner.
Crystal Anderson
One is never enough for 9-year old, Barney, who caught two tennis balls while wading through the pool.
Crystal Anderson
Two-year old Sasha paddle her way to the edge of the pool after catching her tennis ball.
Crystal Anderson
The sign says 'No Diving' but that doesn't stop 2-year old Jake from jumping in.
Crystal Anderson
Poncho leaps into the Lake Arbor Swimming Pool full force to go after his flying tennis ball.
Crystal Anderson
Torn between her fear of the deep end and desire to catch the ball, Emmy resigns to stare at it, willing it to her instead.
Crystal Anderson
While hesitant to jump in, 9-year old BJ happily snatches up one of his tennis balls on the edge of a pool.
Photos by Crystal Anderson

It was the dogs’ day of summer during the APEX Park and Recreation District’s annual dog swim Aug. 17.  For two hours, hundreds of dogs of all breeds and sizes took advantage of the cool water when they waded, jumped and splashed around in the Lake Arbor and Secrest Community Swimming Pools. While some took a little convincing to step or jump into the pool to play with friends, many more were overjoyed with the opportunity and happily soaked to the bone.


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