Who is Better Than You?

Column by Michael Norton


One of my closest friends is Frank from Staten Island, N.Y. Frank has a great expression he uses whenever he hears good news about someone or when they experience something positive. He always says, "Yo, who is better than you?" with a thick New York accent.

So as an example, if I were to call him and share with him that I had an incredible trip to Switzerland, he would say, "Yo, who is better than you?" sounding like Sylvester Stallone in "Rocky."

Well I was thinking about this and I realized that his expression is really very true, and not just for me but for all of us. When was the last time you looked in the mirror and said, "Yo, who is better than me?" and really meant it about yourself.

Positive self-affirmation is so beneficial. Really, positive self-talk or positive self-affirmation can get us through a difficult day, challenging situation, or new opportunity. Or it is simply an incredible way to start each and every day.

You are gifted and gorgeous. You are brilliant and beautiful. You are a person of character and strength, you live with integrity, you are a hard worker, you are caring and thoughtful, and loving and generous. Feel free to add to the list or fill in the rest of your own story. Claim your qualities and attributes and remind yourself often of who it is that you truly are, how you see yourself, and how you feel about yourself.

Who is better than you? Nobody, that's who.

I have met way too many people who have allowed the opinions and degrading comments of others to shape the view they have of themselves. And even worse, sometimes I have talked to people who have taken it to a whole new level; they practice negative self-talk. Then what happens, they ask the same question but give a different answer, they ask "Yo, who is better than me?" but their answer is "Everybody is better than me."

It really doesn't matter how old we are, how young we are or what profession we are in. It doesn't matter if we are married, in a relationship, or single. What does matter is that we believe in ourselves, seeing the beauty and the goodness in who we are, and reminding ourselves each day as we look in the mirror by asking Frank's simple question ... "Yo, who is better than you?" Then answer it, "Nobody, that's who."

Now I am not suggesting egotistical behavior that just might be misunderstood as conceit. What I am recommending is a healthy and super positive belief in you.

I am so grateful for my friend Frank and love his expression, "Yo, who is better than you?" and I would love to hear all of your positive attributes and qualities at gotonorton@gmail.com. This is going to be a better than good week, I just know it will.



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