Weight Loss Journey Fuels Fire to Become a Personal Trainer


Want to get paid to go to the gym? One upside to the burgeoning obesity epidemic is that it’s fueling the growth of jobs in the fitness industry.

The bureau of labor statistics reports that, “employment of fitness trainers and instructors is expected to grow by 24 percent from 2010 to 2020, faster than the average for all occupations.” At Life Time we understand that weight loss is a primary driver for people who seek out a personal trainer, but the requirements are substantial. Most want a trainer who not only has in-depth knowledge, but who can also provide assistance in learning how to overcome their challenges. You may take one look inside your local gym and assume that there aren’t any personal trainers who can relate; however, there are actually many who have been fueled to discover a career in health and fitness through their own personal journey.

At one point, Morgan Adams was in need of a personal trainer. Now she’s training with the Life Time Academy, a professional training certification program, in Centennial to become a personal trainer. Although she was athletic growing up, Morgan always struggled with her weight and dealt with emotional issues through binging on sugar. Her freshman year in college, Morgan exceeded the stereotypical “Freshman 15” and gained 80 pounds! She was unhappy, unsure of her future and presented with a buffet of unhealthy foods on a daily basis.

Hopeless at her heaviest weight, 285 pounds, and in an effort to find happiness, Morgan decided to move to Mexico. While there, she lost more than 100 pounds by discovering a workout she was passionate about- dancing- and suddenly felt excited about life again and passionate about living a healthier, and happier, lifestyle.

When she moved back to the United States, Morgan was determined that she would not let herself return to old ways. She enrolled in the Life Time Academy to forget all the failed fad diets she had tried in the past and to learn the most effective, healthy, and long-lasting weight-loss solution- exercise and nutrition.

Through enrollment at the Life Time Academy, Morgan has been equipped with the necessary tools and education to help her turn her personal journey in to a career and knows that the 120 hours of hands-on experience will allow her the confidence to go from student to trainer seamlessly. Morgan is bound and determined to use her experiences to help other weight-loss hopefuls find success and hopes that her rollercoaster ride with weight loss will inspire others to find it as well.



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Yes, but if everybody is a fitness trainer then will there be qualified trainers. I would not want to go to my next door neighbor.

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