W Rail opens: Parties straight down the line


April 27 was a day to be out celebrating along the newly opened W Rail line, and since the entire system was free for the day, travelers were out in force to experience the line for the first time.

RTD estimated that there were 35,000 passenger trips on the 27th, which led to some long waits and full trains, but riders were able to fill the time by checking out the parties at the stations along the line.

Elected officials were out enjoying the day with everyone else, and travelers could be found chatting with Rep. Max Tyler, Lakewood mayor Bob Murphy and city council members.

At the Federal Center Station, health booths filled the parking lot, as did booths form local restaurants giving out samples of food. Bands from nearby high schools like Alameda played while visitors soaked in the sun and received some tips on

healthier living.

At the Lakewood-Wadsworth Station (which has become Lakewood’s signature station) Murphy said a morning celebration was held for involved community members and all former city council people who worked to bring the project to frution.

“We talked about the history of the project and everyone was so appreciative,” Murphy said. “It was a bit of a reunion, and a great celebration.”

The Lamar Station was an extremely popular stop for travelers, since it was where groups like the 40 West Arts District and other galleries had an art fair set up. The Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design also had an area for children to create

their own art.

Many of the travelers don’t normally get out west, but the W Rail aims to change that.

“We live in Centenial, but we wanted to check out the new line,” said Stefany Souther, who was traveling with her children, Kate and Ryan. “We we’re looking to see what’s out here, and hopefully we’ll be able to get out here more.”

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