Udall ignores the law again


This week Colorado U.S. Senator Udall introduced a bill called "Protect Women's Health from Corporate Interference" which would mandate that Christian employers pay for employees contraceptive coverage even though that would violate the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Newsflash to Senator Udall: The Supreme Court just ruled that this is against the law.

Usually Udall is notoriously quiet about broken laws. For example, when Obama made illegal recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board (which the Supreme Court just overturned), what did we hear from Udall? Silence. When Obama made some 30 odd illegal changes to Obamacare, done without the required congressional vote, again only silence from Udall.

So if Udall is not spending time trying to uphold the law of the land, what is he doing? Alas, one of his emails trumpets him spending a lot of time picking a Christmas tree for the White House. How disappointing.

The people of Colorado deserve better. It's time to vote out Udall. He can't see the forest for the trees.

Charles Newton

Highlands Ranch


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