Two city questions on ballot


The November ballot asks Englewood residents whether or not to allow any aspect of the recreational marijuana industry to be set up in the city, and a second question asks whether or not to designate a list of city-owned properties as parks.

The city council voted to place Question 2B, the marijuana-related question, on the November ballot.

The question asks residents whether any aspect of the recreational marijuana industry should be permitted in Englewood. The wording of the question states that a ban on all aspects of the recreational marijuana industry does not restrict personal use or growing of marijuana as allowed under the Colorado Constitution.

The question also states banning the recreational marijuana industry will have no impact on Englewood’s licensed medical marijuana businesses, primary caregivers or patients.

However, it is designated as an advisory question, so the city council doesn’t have to take action to follow residents’ voting choice on the ballot issue.

Residents collected the required number of signatures to place the second issue on the November ballot. Ballot Question 300 asks residents whether a list of 15 properties should be officially designated as parks. That would mean the city charter would prohibit the sale of any of those properties without voter approval

The properties listed in the proposed ballot issues are Baker, Barde, Bates-Logan, Belleview, Centennial, Clarkson, Cushing, Depot, Duncan, Emerson, Hosanna, Jason, Miller Fields, Romans and Rotolo.

Dan Brotzman, city attorney, said if the ballot issue is approved, the designation won’t apply to two of the properties. The decision won’t place a park designation on the Hosanna Sports Complex that is owned by Englewood School District. Also, the park designation will only apply to the community garden and not to the Englewood Depot building and property that was sold to a private owner.


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