Craig Hospital offers patients and their families housing, assistance and support


Yurik Resetnikov and his family didn’t know anyone when they arrived at Craig Hospital from Hawaii in early November.

But that changed immediately.

“The first hour we got to Craig blew my mind,” said Resetnikov,40, a firefighter now in a wheelchair with limited use of his arms and legs after a body surfing accident in October. “This place is amazing, and it was unbelievable the way everyone took us in and made us feel welcome. I felt like everyone here was taking care of a family member.”

And that’s exactly what Craig staff hope their patients feel because treating the body is just one part of the rehabilitation process. Caring for the spirit of the patient and the family is just as important.

“When a loved one suffers a traumatic spinal cord or brain injury it also has a major impact on the lives of the family members,” said Stephanie Percival, director of clinical care management.

And individuals of all ages and backgrounds, along with their families, come from throughout the world to Englewood’s Craig, which treats patients with traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries

While Resetnikov is in the hospital, his wife, Lindsey, and daughters Mehana, 10, and Kona, 13, are living in Craig’sfamily housing facility.

“Almost as soon as they showed us to our apartment, other families came to meet us and offer to do anything they could to help us,” Lindsey said. “It was pretty amazing and very special for all of us.”

Mehana agreed.

“We came from the sands of Hawaii to the snows of Colorado,” she said with a smile. “Everyone was so nice. For example, all we had was summer clothes when we got here and the folks here at the hospital got us some coats and winter things.”

Support also came from outside Craig.

After learning a fellow firefighter was a patient at Craig, crews at the Jefferson Fire Station in Englewood have scheduled weekly visits. The crew also hosted the family at the fire station for Christmas dinner.

Resetnikov’s accident occurred in October.

“I caught a good wave and hit the bottom as you always do body surfing,” he said. “I tried to get up, couldn’t move and I knew something bad had happened.”

Friends pulled him from the water. He wasn’t breathing and had no pulse. Several people administered CPR for about 20 minutes until the ambulance arrived.

Resetnikov arrived Nov. 4 and expects to be at Craig until February.

Back home on the big island of Hawaii, extended family members are working to make his home wheelchair-accessible.

But before he returns, he and his family will transition to a larger apartment at the Craig facility.

The family’s current living facility is like a small apartment with sleeping quarters, a living space and a kitchen. When Yurik joins the family, they will move into a family suite in an adjacent building. The family suite is described as similar to a large hospital room with an adjacent living room and a few cooking facilities.

There, with hands-on training sessions, they can learn the skills they will need as a family to support Resetnikov.

Each patient at Craig has a treatment team of 10 to 12 people that includes staff members in a variety of specialties, Percival said. The team works with the patient and the family. Peer counseling sessions with current or former patients and their families also take place.

“The focus is helping everyone understand the challenges they are facing and ways to deal with those challenges,” Percival said.

The team also provides the patient all the equipment and materials he or she will need when they leave the hospital.

“We feel they are still our patients when they leave us so we to continue to keep in touch with them,” she said. “We want the patient and the family to know we don’t just help them while they are at Craig, but we try to continue to help them as long as help is needed.”

The Resetnikovs said they are grateful for what Craig has done.

“So many people have worked with us, helping us learn so much that we will need to know when we get home,” Yurik Resetnikov said. “We don’t know what we would have done had we not been treated here at Craig.”


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