Transition to the Fall Lifestyle


So the kiddos are back in school and summer is for the most part, over. Presumably you’ve gotten most of the school clothes bought, and for yourselves, pulled out some fall clothes. It’s supposed to be an early and hard winter. (Let’s hope. My coats would like to see some daylight this year.) 

But if you are still just letting the kiddos wear their summer clothes for these last few warm weeks, then in a spare moment, go rifling through those clearly labeled (hint, hint) Fall tubs to see if there’s anything in there that you could use instead of buying.  Sometimes I’m even surprised by what I find in mine. But isn’t it so much nicer to be surprised by that new package of white athletic socks that you bought last April BEFORE you go buy a new package? Then when you’ve made a concise list, go pick up the clothing items that you DON’T have. Kohl’s is having an amazing sale, as is Macy’s, Dillard’s and your local consignment stores; for ladies and children alike.

And if you haven’t heard, there’s a new consignment store by Park Meadows that buys your clothes ON THE SPOT. I don’t know if they pay a lot for clothes, because the cute outfits that I saw were wonderfully and surprisingly inexpensive. The store can’t open up until they have enough clothes, but they’re buying! Then go back in mid September and pick up some nice threads. They are located on the corner of Yosemite and Maximus. It’s great that there is a more hip ladies consignment store around here!

Need last minute school supplies? Staples, Office Max and Office Depot all start clearancing out their backpacks and other school supplies once school has begun. I got 3 backpacks last year in September for $5 each because these new ones made in China just don’t even make it through the school year. My oldest son is still using my canvas Jansport from MY high school because they were made in America back then. But I digress.

Costco and Sam’s Club is a great place to stock up on good, healthy (and not so healthy) school snacks. Where else can you buy industrial sized bags of raisins, Craisins, nuts, granola bars, dried fruit and juice boxes?  You can also save a lot by buying your peanut and almond butter there, jams, dairy products and breads to make healthy sandwiches that will hold them.

These Food Warehouses also have some great pre-packaged dishes for dinner. Noodles and pasta, frozen veggies and fruit, beef and chicken and even frozen ready made entrees that, when you read the labels, are often quite healthy, or at least a cheap alternative to dining out.  What we have tried here at home has passed the taste test. And if you’re leery of getting into a full time commitment from a box of 155 shrimp scampi, you can always ask a friend or wait until they are sampled at the store. 

Happy Fall, Y’all, and have a peaceful and organized September



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