The real reason the Broncos closed off camp

Window is closing for Peyton-led Broncos as team trys to get over hump


Training camp is just weeks away but the Denver Broncos aren’t telling us the whole story.

It was reported a couple months ago that the team will not allow fans into training camp this year because of $35 million in renovations to their Dove Valley complex.

But that is only half of the story. While the orange at Dove Valley is construction orange instead of Broncos’ orange, the team’s training facility has joined the rest of the state as being “under construction.”

But I will think the team itself being under construction is the biggest reason why the organization has decided to shut fans out this training camp.

The Broncos said that ongoing construction at the facility would have made things too difficult and even dangerous for the thousands of fans who usually attend camp annually.

But they also knew this for months — if not years — before they decided to tell Broncos’ fans they weren’t welcome in 2014.

I believe the team shutout fans at this year’s camp so the team can have a strictly-business approach to this season.

Whether it was a Peyton Manning decision or a John Elway decision, somebody within the organization saw the ongoing construction at Dove Valley as an opportunity to have camp as business-like as possible, as the team desperately tries to get over the hump and win a Super Bowl.

Remember in Rocky IV when Rocky Balboa requested that he trained in the cold winter mountains of Russia with zero outside influences? Balboa knew that if he was going to beat Ivan Drago he needed 100 percent commitment and dedication to his training.

The Broncos see and feel the same thing (minus the huge steroided-out Russian). The window is closing on Peyton Manning and this version of the team and it is going to be tough for the team to be as good as they were the last couple seasons.

If the Broncos can again put it all together and make another run at a Super Bowl title they are going to need something to put them over the top that they didn’t have last year.

They are hoping by creating an old-school business only approach to this season will be that difference in them going from great offensive team to one of the greatest teams of all time.

If this approach will be the difference for this team is yet to be determined but give the team credit for realizing that this championship window the Broncos have open is quickly closing and they will not get many more opportunities to make as good of a run at a Super Bowl as they have had over the past two seasons.

Instead of opening camp to the fans this season the team will have three free live scrimmages at Sports Authority Field where the team will work out and then scrimmage each other for whoever wants to come out and attend.

While that is admirable to do for Broncos’ hardcores, it certainly is not the same up-close and personal experience that training camp offers fans.

However, I think those same hardcore Broncos’ fans would trade one year of not being able to attend camp in exchange for a Super Bowl championship.


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