The "Tough" Mindset- Physically and Emotionally


Kaira Muchow is fit. She’s completed one Tough Mudder, one triathlon, and countless 5Ks. But Kaira isn’t just physically fit; she’s also mentally tough.

At Kaira’s heaviest, she was 260 pounds. She spent most days at home with her kids, struggling with feelings of depression. For Kaira, the gym started out as a way for her to receive childcare and get a few hours of alone time.

When she joined Life Time Fitness, Kaira took an initial test to better understand her body. One of the trainers, Joanna, recommended that Kaira join Team Weightloss. Kaira loved the idea because she knew she would need to do something that held her accountable.

Kaira lost 17 pounds in the first few months. The Life Time trainers pushed her physically but they also trained her mentally. The trainers educated Kaira about the importance of nutrition. She learned the right foods to eat and she learned that you cannot out exercise a bad diet. Kaira was also taught to mentally prepare herself before going places to eat. By having a high-protein meal before leaving the home, Kaira could remove temptation to eat fattening foods.

Life Time trainers had Kaira create a vision board, a collection of images that showed where Kaira wanted to eventually be and the goals she needed to set to get there. This board taught Kaira that goals are an important part of living a healthy life. She signs up for at least one race a month, even if it’s just a 5K. The events help keep her accountable and motivated. In addition, Kaira has made lasting friends from the group fitness classes. These ladies inspire each other inside and outside of class.

Kaira still has her vision board hanging in her office. She is preparing for her next race, Commitment day on January 1, 2012. Commitment Day is the nation-wide movement inspiring people to ditch the New Year’s resolutions and commit to the healthy way of life once and for all – a feat Kaira has already accomplished. In total, Kaira has lost 100 pounds and jumped from a size 22 to a size 8. Yet, it’s not just her body that has been transformed; it is her outlook on life. Life Time taught Kaira the importance of physical and mental health. Kaira has learned to take responsibility for the life she lives.  She now loves going to the gym and finds it depressing when she has to miss a class. Kaira started with small goals, but these small goals ultimately changed her life in big ways.


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