The Top 3 Reasons You Should See A Specialist To Treat Your Car Accident Injuries


Let’s face it. Getting injured in a car accident is not the same as other kinds of injuries.

The car accident usually affects more than one area. So it’s very common for people to have neck pain AND headaches AND back pain AND a shoulder injury.

The car accident might have caused some severe injuries like a torn rotator cuff or a herniated disc. Then you’ll need to find a team of providers to take care of you... And that team needs to be able to work together for your benefit AND understand how the auto insurance claim system works (this part is known as case management). 

The car accident may require that you seek the advice of an attorney. But how do you even know if you need an attorney? And if you do decide you need one how do you find one you can trust?

In other words when you get injured in a car accident you need to work with someone that can help you with every aspect of care.

What you really need is a car accident injury specialist.

Here are three reasons why:

Reason 1: You Get a Better Exam and Diagnosis

All great care starts with a great exam. From it you learn:

  • What’s wrong (the diagnosis)
  • How bad it is (the severity)
  • What your best options are to take care of it (the treatment plan)
  • How long it will take (the prognosis)

But the key to a great exam is really knowing what to look for in the first place.

When it comes to car accident injuries it can be critical to know the difference between a headache from muscle tension versus a headache from a fracture versus a headache from ligamentous damage versus a headache from a concussion... and the list goes on and on.

So the real key to getting a good exam is seeing someone that is experienced with car accident injuries. A specialist will be familiar with the kinds of injuries you likely have and their causes. And they’ll be able to uncover these issues better than anyone else.

Because the sooner you find out what’s really wrong the faster you will be put on a solid treatment plan. Which leads us to... 

Reason 2: You Get More Specialized and Expert Care 

Once you know the problem and the game plan it’s time to start getting treated.

Let’s suppose you have a problem (let’s call it “Problem A”). Who would you choose to treat you?

Provider #1 - who has treated 100 different problems one time each (i.e. they have lots of experience in general, but have only treated “Problem A” once)


Provider #2 - who has treated “Problem A” 100 times

I’m guessing you’d choose Provider #2 - The specialist. And you wouldn’t be alone in that choice.

The specialist would have tons of experience in treating your problem. That means that their skill level would be very high and that they would have both the confidence and competence you need and deserve.

But what if your treatment needs another specialist (like a surgeon or a neurologist)... Or what if you are considering hiring an attorney to help you deal with the legal and insurance aspects of your car accident case? That leads us to... 

Reason 3: You Get Direct Access To A Network of Car Accident Specialists 

Over the last 13 years (I opened my first physical therapy office in Denver in March of 2000) I’ve worked with literally hundreds of healthcare providers - including doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists and massage therapists - and over 84 attorneys and law firms. 

And based on my experience I’ve narrowed that list down to include only the best in each category. By “best” I mean not only expertise in their practice area but also best when it comes to their responsiveness and demeanor.

So if and when any of my patients needs to been seen by another professional they automatically have access to my network. What that means is they get direct and immediate access to the best-in-class professionals in the Metro-Denver area. So they can get the help they need when they need it.

If you want to get out of pain as fast as possible from the injuries you got in a car accident, make sure you go and see a car accident injury care specialist. Your future health is in the hands of the providers you choose. I hope this article helps you choose wisely.


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