The Hospice Concept: A perspective


Let’s start at the beginning! According to the Agape Hospice Service “Hospice is a concept of care for those who are experiencing life-threatening illness. Hospice views dying as a normal process and seeks neither to hasten nor to postpone death.”

Now having informed you what Agape Hospice is all about let’s start at the beginning as it unfolded for our love one, Bob June.

An unexpected twist

Bob had been in failing health for several months due primarily to Alzheimer’s and poor kidney function but we were coping and he was also. Due to the Alzheimer’s he did not remember taking a bad fall which landed him in St. Anthony Hospital a few weeks ago. There they found his blood was too thin and he was in danger of “bleeding out.” To make a long story shorter he left the hospital with his family planning a nursing home existence.

It was then that I happened to tell neighbor Dave about Bob’s condition. His reply was “have you thought about hospice?” No, I hadn’t but I called nurse friend, Carol, who said to call Agape Hospice. After consulting with our children, I had Agape come out, and we signed papers to admit him as a home patient.

It was the best decision! A nurse immediately evaluated Bob and knew he needed a catheter so she got that going. They outlined their plan of care and we were so relieved to know they would help us through the process. It was a huge relief to know Bob would receive the care and comfort he needed and deserved right at home in his own bed.

A short story

Bob was agitated and hospice called it the “terminal agitation” phase. He did not quiet down for some time; they tried numerous medicines until they found one that worked for Bob.

It was only three short days from the start of hospice care to Bob’s death but they were hectic yet comforting days. There were tension filled times but the nurse and certified nursing assistant were there to provide care and comfort. It takes a very special individual to provide hospice care to your loved one.

At 8:44 a.m. on July 22 Bob “crossed over” to the other world, and we lost him to this world.

Praise for Agape

I can’t tell you how impressed we were with the staff at Agape. They were a godsend in our time of decision to use their service. I would highly recommend them if you too have a need.

Meanwhile it is also comforting to know that Medicare covers the cost completely. If you would like further information on Agape Hospice you can call 720-482-1988.

We laid Bob to rest at Fort Logan National Cemetery with full military honors on Tuesday, Aug. 12. God bless him on his journey home.

Stay well, stay involved and stay tuned.


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