The Bling- Organizing Your Jewelry


I have spent hours untangling my clients jewelry, matching up earrings, finding jewelry clients thought were lost. Untangling necklaces that were just thrown into a jewelry box or drawer were a special challenge to get straightened out again. Some chains even got damaged when crimped from being so badly tangled. Earrings aren't worn when you can't find the mate or have lost the backs.

If you don't store your jewelry so you can see what you have or it gets tangled up, you aren't going to wear it. What a waste of beautiful things that can enhance your outfits, and even bring you a smile of pleasure when someone compliments what you are wearing. Here's how to get organized in a fun and simple way:

First things first...

Sort ALL your jewelry by categories such as rings, earring sets, etc. Be sure to keep each group type separate until you see what you have and the quantity of each category.

What next?

Depending on where you want to store these items, what organizing tools you may already have, and how much you want to spend if you need some organizing products will determine the next step. You can either purchase products or use things you currently have to compartmentalize for ease of storing, finding, and putting away your treasures.

Here are some easy ways to store or compartmentalize your jewelry with things you may already have:

-stationary boxes & lids

-plastic containers from your kitchen

-ice cube trays for small items: rings, earrings, etc

-pretty hooks or nails to hang necklaces

Think outside the proverbial box and see what your imagination comes up with - and enjoy the journey!

So, what do I do now?

I'm not fond of traditional jewelry boxes unless you don't have much and you don't put necklaces in it. There are many right and some wrong ways to store jewelry. To succeed, consider how you store and want to access your jewelry, and definitely return it to it's rightful place when done wearing it. If you don't put it away, any system you create will fail!

When purchasing products, if you are using drawer space, you will need to know the measurements of the inside of the drawer to insure you get containers that will fit inside the drawer. There are many types of jewelry organizers with soft felt padding to protects your precious items, and some that even stack for deeper drawers to maximize storage. Also, regular drawer organizers can work in many cases.

Stores and websites that specialize in organizational products will often have much more to choose from than regular stores, but may be a bit more expensive. What and where you buy organizing products will depend on how much time and money you want to invest.

Remember: If you don't return your jewelry pieces to their correct location, the mess will start again!


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