Thanks to firefighters, the kids are all right

Rescuers come through for pair of baby goats

Brenden Reagan, Matthew Souders and Nick Carnesi of Elizabeth Fire Rescue saved two one-month-old goat kids that had been stuck in a 400-foot underground pipe, 25 feet from the entrance. Courtesy photo

It’s a story with something for everyone: Cute little furry creatures. Brave, strong firefighters. Power tools and heavy equipment.

What’s not to love?

On May 23, Tom and Diane Cribley called Elizabeth Fire Rescue to report their two kids were trapped in a culvert.

Goat kids, that is. Specifically, 1-month-old goat kids that were stuck in a 400-foot underground pipe about 25 feet from the entrance. Just a foot in diameter, there was no way anybody could climb in to rescue the adorable but terrified babies.

One neighbor got out his Bobcat excavator, but it failed to make enough headway. Another neighbor got out the big guns, coming up with a backhoe that did expose the pipe.

That’s when Lt. Nick Carnesi and firefighters Brenden Reagan and Mathew Souders stepped in to save the day. Gently and carefully, they set about doing the delicate work with picks, shovels, a saw and a lockout tool. After about an hour and a half, they were finally able to gather up the little goats and deliver them safely into the arms of the relieved Cribleys.

Chief TJ Steck says firefighters are trained to think creatively when confronted with an unusual problem, since no two calls are exactly alike.

“It’s hard for firefighters to believe that all their training and expertise would be used to extricate animals, but the fact is, when our community calls for help, we feel compelled to respond,” he said.