Supporting Your Multipotentialite Child

Event Date
Tuesday, January 28, 2014
Event Location
Jeffco Ed Center, 5th floor
1829 Denver West Drive, Bldg #27
Golden, Colorado
Jefferson County
Association for
Gifted Children
Additional Info
6:30 p.m.

Does your child have many different interests and curiosities? Do they show aptitudes in several subjects and have trouble fitting neatly into one box? If so, they might be a multipotentialite: someone with many interests and creative pursuits in life. Join us for an evening of education and discussion aimed at supporting multipotentialite children and teens. Learn about what it means to be a multipotentialite, the unique challenges faced by those who are wired this way, and how you as a parent can help your children embrace their multipotentiality as a strength. Take home practical tips that will help your child plan for the future and start thinking about ways to integrate many subjects into their lives and careers.

About Emilie: Emilie Wapnick is the Founder and Creative Director at, an online “home” for multipotentialites. As an author and creative coach, she helps people integrate their multiple interests into their lives. Her work is based on a belief that no one should have to choose one focus and deny all of their other passions. Unable to settle on one path herself, Emilie studied music, art, film production and law, graduating from the Law Faculty at McGill University. She is the author of Renaissance Business, and is currently at work on her second book, Multipotentialite. Learn more about Emilie at

Families and educators from across the metro area are welcome to this FREE seminar.

A flyer to share is here:

A JAGC general meeting and Book Fair precede the seminar: 6:00-6:30 pm. For more information about the Jefferson County Association for Gifted Children (JAGC), a non-profit group providing leadership and support to families and educators of gifted young people in Jefferson County, Colorado, go to

Questions? Contact JAGC at

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