Summer Camp for the Brain


Summer is coming and parents are beginning the scramble to get plans made--trips, camps, sports, and a little downtime too!  In addition to all the fun stuff, it is necessary to find activities that keep kids busy during the long summer days and make sure that they don’t lose all the learning they did over the previous school year.

One great way to exercise your child’s brain is with cognitive skills training—brain training. Here are 5 reasons that summer is the perfect time to do a brain training program!

  1. Brain training doesn't feel like school; the procedures feel like games. Kids enjoy the procedures and are always trying to beat their time and score so they stay motivated. Although most of the procedures won’t be specifically reading, writing, or arithmetic, they will build the cognitive skills that are used in all subjects. A stronger memory, attention skills and processing skills will make next school year so much better and more successful.
  2. Summer is the perfect time to build the cognitive skill foundation for the upcoming school year because you aren't juggling school, homework, PTA, school sports, and all the responsibilities of the school year. LearningRx has flexible hours and two Denver area centers so it is easy to find a schedule that works for your family.
  3. The brain is a muscle and it needs to be used! Teachers everywhere know about the “Summer Slide” and how students come back to the classroom in August with a fog in their brain. The first month of each new year ends up being just review because so much learning is lost over the summer. Summer brain training won't let the typical "Summer Slide" happen to your child.
  4. The investment in a brain training program will outlast all other summer camps and sport camps. This investment will last a lifetime. One of our clients recently wrote, "If you are a parent wondering if you should spend the money to do this for your child, do it. This will change your child’s life path. Do it now so that he/she doesn’t have to spend the years I spent struggling to get as far as I have."  (You can read the full article on our blog at
  5. Brain training is fun! Unlike a lot of tutoring or programs that are only on a computer, LearningRx brain training is a lot of fun. Students become good friend with their own trainer and parents are often amazed that a usually negative child never has a problem coming to LearningRx. Kids love the game-like procedures and love feeling success and confident so brain training doesn’t feel like a chore.

Students of all ages have seen huge benefits from a brain training program in their school work and in their life skills. Summer is really the perfect time to start a program. So give us a call at 303-284-6105 or check out so we can find out what a personalized program for your child would look like for this summer!



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