Students learn health and wellness: Activities teach about nutrition, exercise and safety


Students at Edith Wolford Elementary School learned plenty about health and wellness during the school's second annual Health Jam.

The daylong event on Feb. 13 was spent educating the students about exercise, nutrition and safety and involved teachers, staff, parents and guest speakers.

The day began with an assembly of the interactive theatre performance “The Amazing Food Detective” presented by Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre. The play teaches them the importance of healthy eating and getting exercise.

After the assembly students had the opportunity to participate in martial arts, zumba, yoga, dance, car safety, tobacco prevention and germ busters.

During the car safety class students learned about being safe in and around a car, wearing their seat belts, using safety when crossing the street and that if they are less than 4 feet 9 inches tall Colorado law states they must sit in a booster seat when in a car.

During the “My Plate” class students learned what types of foods they should eat and even enjoyed a healthy snack of fresh fruit. And in “Farm to Table” the students learned what seasons certain fruits and vegetables grow and how they can tell if something was grown in Colorado when they go to the grocery store. They also had the opportunity to make their own pasta.

Bob Wedel, principal at Edith Wolford, believes that the teaching a child about nutrition and exercise does make a difference and if not right-a-way it will later. He said it's important to teach them while they are young.

“The fact that they know what choices are there is good,” Wedel said.

Wedel said the students look forward to the Health Jam and it's something that the school will continue to do each year.

“The staff recognizes the value of it. We're so busy doing reading, writing and math but if the kids aren't healthy it doesn't matter,” Wedel said.

“Research shows that kids that are healthier learn better,” Linda Gillogley, school counselor, added.

Safe2Tell was also part of the Health Jam and talked to students about bullying and where they report threatening behavior anonymously.


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