Student hospitalized after eating pot brownie: Knowingly ate brownie, another charged with felony


An Air Academy High School student was hospitalized after eating a brownie laced with marijuana.

The 14-year-old girl became sick after eating the brownie after another student brought it to school on Dec. 12. The boy, also 14, was charged with a Class 5 felony for distribution of marijuana.

Lt. Jeff Kramer, spokesperson for the El Paso County Sheriff's Office, said the boy was issued a summons to appear in court and released to his parents. According to Kramer the boy purchased the pot brownie from an adult off campus a few days before. He brought it to school and distributed it to two girls, another 14-year-old who did not eat it. The girl who became ill was treated and released from the hospital. The two girls were not charged.

Kramer and Nanette Anderson, public information officer for Academy School District 20, said that the girl who became ill knew the brownie was laced with pot.

Anderson said after the girl became ill the school administration conducted an investigation as to what the cause was and when they learned she had eaten a pot laced brownie they contacted the sheriff's office.

Anderson said that just because marijuana is now legal it doesn't pertain to students.

“Nothing has changed for them because they are under (age) 21. The possession and distribution policies have not changed for them,” Anderson said.

Anderson said they have had other incidents of marijuana possession in the district but she cannot recall an incident where a student has become sick from it.

“A concern for us as law enforcement is will we see more availability of marijuana with the passing of Amendment 64 and will we see more young people possessing it. That remains to be seen,” Kramer said.

“I think it's an increase of awareness that it is more available,” Anderson said, regarding the incident.

Anderson said there's the concern in the district that students will get marijuana from older siblings and sharing it with other students who have a medical condition might make it more dangerous physically.


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