Strike a Balance: Work, Life and a Social Life


When you are starting the new school semester, it can be quite difficult to try and also balance a job and a social life as well. Even if you are one of the few that it is not necessarily difficult for, all three aspects of life can still sometimes cause conflict with each other, or at least a bump in the road. Don’t think that you have to give up your fun though; a little prioritization is all you'll need to maintain your sanity.

Although the answer may seem obvious as to what order the three aspects of your life should go in, it can vary for everyone. Here are some ideas on how to figure it out:



School is understandably a top priority for most. The key, however, is to not let it stress you out too much.

Doing well in school is important and getting through it can prove to be a tedious task when it incorporates certain subjects that are more difficult. If school is the most time consuming thing on this list, it may be helpful to figure out what subjects you should focus on first, and so forth, to make the process go quicker.

For example, if you are weak in one subject, but strong in others, dedicating one night early on in the week to studying the challenging subject may help you finish your work in other subjects easier, and faster, by getting the difficult work done early on.


It's not unusual for many students to either have part-time jobs, or even to have full-time jobs. Others need to make their schoolwork a top priority, since there are many students paying their way through school.

Having an exam the same day as you work, or having a major assignment due when your work load is full, however, can be quite tiresome. If you have a job where you have a few breaks in the day, it may not hurt to bring something to study, or just do segments of homework assignments throughout the day to break up the work load.

This way, you will be getting your school work done in an unexpected way, or at the minimum, giving you a head start on assignments.


Free Time

Although work and school really are the top priority for most, it's still  important that you do not spread yourself too thin and you have some fun in between.

Going out, perusing hobbies, or seeing people can help ease the stress that inevitably builds up from being so busy with work and school. Remember: All of that stressing out over a test beforehand isn’t going to make the test easier when it comes time to take it.

Taking frequent breaks when you're studying can also help you relax and help you return with better focus instead of allowing your mind to continue to race.

Stress is no fun, and what better than to reward yourself after a long day at work or completing a major school assignment than with doing something you enjoy?




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