State House District 43 race: Semro not giving up fight


Gary Semro, 65, is making his second run at representing Colorado House District 43, having lost to Republican incumbent Frank McNulty by 34 points in 2010.

Semro, a Highlands Ranch homeowner since 2000, has been married to Delia Semro for 13 years. His brother, Robert Semro, is a former state Senate aide to then-Senate Democratic Minority Leader C.A. Decker. A longtime broadcaster on various Denver radio stations as well as WCBS-FM in New York City, Semro is the co-owner of West Point Energy LLC, a Colorado oil/gas and alternative energy investment company.

Also the Democratic Party nominee in 1972 for Colorado HD-10 and a 1973 candidate for the Denver Board of Education, Semro, who has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Denver, has been unsuccessful in his previous attempts to gain office.

Colorado Community Media asked the following questions of the candidates in the race for HD-43. Below are Semro’s answers.

What makes you the best candidate for this office?

My extremist Tea Party opponent is without question the worst (House) speaker in modern times. He has abused his power to a greater degree than anyone has seen in our state in generations. He has bullied colleagues, refused to compromise and lied to fellow legislators, the press and the people of Colorado.

I will be the kind of legislator who will work with both Republicans and Democrats to put the will of the voters first, not Tea Party zealots and extremists. I will replace a smug, arrogant career politician and put an end to one-party crony politics and bring truly representative government to Highlands Ranch.

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing the district and what would you do to meet the challenge?

We need a representative who will champion education. Our schools need to receive the highest priority. We need a strong advocate for small business in the state Legislature that will help create a competitive business environment that will make Colorado an attractive place to do business.

We need to attract to Colorado high-paying, quality jobs. High-quality education and training of Colorado’s workforce is critical for our state to prosper and compete in today’s marketplace. I will be a champion of women’s issues, and I trust women to make the best decisions that affect their health and lives, and not right-wing Tea Party politicians.

What should be done to improve Colorado’s K-12 educational system?

Colorado’s K-12 education would improve greatly by 1) replacing our stale, brain-dead, ideological Tea Party representative who has been missing in action regarding education issues. 2) Put an end to the Douglas County School voucher program. It is an abomination and is unconstitutional. Taxpayer money should not be going to private and religious schools. 3) Repeal TABOR in the Colorado Constitution that has caused Colorado to rank 48th in the nation for funding of higher education per capita, 43rd for student-teacher ratio. Colorado has been below the national average in per-pupil K-12 funding since 1989. This has to change for the sake of quality education in our state.


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