State House District 37 race: Kicia ready to make changes


Libertarian candidate Jeffrey “Roadrunner” Kicia is a New Jersey native, entrepreneur and U.S. Navy veteran. Blog posts list him as a “former UFO researcher.” Running for the state House District 37 seat, he holds a master's degree in health administration from Southern Illinois University, and a bachelor's in earth sciences and geography from the University of Northern Colorado.

While he has never held public office, Kicia sports formidable political fortitude, funding his entire campaign out of his own pocket.

He has served as a board member of the Home Owners of America, vice president of the Wayne, N.J., chapter of Greenpeace, and has held membership in the Tall Cedars Club and the Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network.

Kicia is divorced and resides in Centennial.

Colorado Community Media asked the following questions of candidates in the HD37 race. Below are Kicia's answers.

What makes you the best candidate for this office?

The reason why I would be the best candidate is succinct in response. I have the honesty, put the people first, and will fight against every bit of abuse, corruption, and malfeasance by exposing the insidious bureaucrats that fail to adhere to the principles instilled by the voters.

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing the district and what would you do to meet that challenge?

The biggest challenge in HD 37 is the rising mill levy taxes without representation with the devaluation of properties and homes. The out of control 18th Judicial District Court system in this county is a derision against its citizens and puts them at ambiguous criminality risks without effectual counsel. The current District Attorney Chambers was censured on two occasions, and several cohorts where investigated for official and legal misconduct allegations by a law oversight Board. I would eradicate all inclusive and insidious practices!

What should be done to improve Colorado's K-12 educational system?

Colorado K-12 recommendation improvements are to purge teacher tenure post dispositions that fail to meet the essential testing mandatory academic skills to propel our young students to advance their gifts and talents to lifetime achievements in blue and white collar occupations.


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