Spice Up Your Laundry Room


In my column last month I talked about cleaning out your clothes closets and finding good, inexpensive Halloween costumes. This month, I am looking at the laundry room in a whole new light!  A friend of mine commented on how my laundry room is so homey. So I will try to draw a picture here for you. I have pictures of my children and cute boxes up on the shelf that most people store laundry detergents, fabric softeners, stain remover sprays and the like on.

I figure that I’m going to be spending an hour a day down there (yes, my husband moved our laundry area from the main floor where it was REALLY in the way down to the basement so we couldn’t hear the washer running.) So if I am going to be spending so much time down there, it was going to be homey. And ME. So there are broad stripes on the walls in a peacock blue over white and a Botacelli print of Primavera which I have had since college. I want to be surrounded by things I love while I am pairing up socks.

My husband installed shelves (because I am a sucker for anything that gets items off of the floor and out of my way) and we have just enough room between the washer and dryer for a Sterilite 3 drawer storage unit that holds the iron and vinegar, (to wash the formaldehyde out of new clothes and the possible fabric softener out of the ever adored hand me downs from wonderful friends and family with wonderful taste in children’s clothes. Truly.) I love my Sterilite! Now I don’t have to see my ugly bottles of cleaners, but instead a clean, organized room!

It also holds the OxyClean spot remover, because I refuse to use anything with more chemicals, and anything milder just doesn’t cut it. I have it in liquid, for those little stains on shirts that are probably peanut butter or pasta sauce, and in powder, when the whole load just needs some extra help. And I have my All Free and Clear, because who needs more chemically scented and colored junk in their lives? That is it. No liquid or cloth fabric softener, because they are horrible. Look it up. It is full of oils, to keep the static at bay. But 100% cotton (which is best for our skin to breathe) does not get staticy! And the oils make clothes dingier looking and itching to attract more dirt.


Plus our skin is our biggest organ. Would you want your children to breathe in the chemicals that are in these fabric softeners? Read on the back of some of the bottles; they don’t LIST the ingredients but give a website, hoping that most people don’t have the time to check.  Well I did. And then I had to look up each chemical to find out how hideous it was. Some of the chemicals are neurotoxins, some aren’t. But none are good for our bodies or our water supply, which is where they end up.

ANYWAY. So sorry! I’m on my soapbox! What I meant to say was that you only need a few things in your laundry room; even if it also serves as a storage area for extra paper products. Don’t you deserve to have all your rooms to your liking? To your standard? You can be proud of each room in your home and unapologetic if things are stored in out of the way places. NO room should be a headache. Go online for cute ideas for each room of the house, whether it is a living space or not.

Look up ‘Pottery Barn Laundry Room’ or Shabby Chic or ‘Martha Stewart Laundry Rooms.’ You’ll find something that catches your eye. Laundry is depressing enough. Must the room be also?



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