Simple Steps to Purge and Organize Your Wardrobe


I believe purging your wardrobe should be done at least twice a year -- getting rid of clothes and accessories you don't like, don't fit, out of date, or just don't look good on you anymore will free up space for something new. 

If you keep everything you don't wear, then bringing home a new item won't be as enjoyable when your closets or drawers are bursting at the seams.  Keep in mind when you buy something, REALLY like it and be sure it looks good on you.  Don't just buy it because it's a good price.  Otherwise you're wasting your hard earned dollars, and probably won't ever wear it!

If you need a little help getting motivated, make a pot of coffee or have a favorite beverage handy, plenty of water, and turn on some great music.  Music can be a real energizer!

Sort & Categorize 

Put all your like things together, as mentioned in last month's article (skirts, slacks, sleeveless, /short sleeve, /long sleeve blouses). 

Sorting includes shoes and accessories.  Once you have them sorted by types you can see what you have and what you may have too much of.  If you have not worn it in a while, try it on and decide if it's a keep or a go.


What Do I Do With the "Unwanted's"? 

Get them out of the room or closet as you are sorting.  If you don't put them in another area away from the good stuff you may find they have made their way back into your closet, and you've just wasted lots of time. 

It's also harder to see what you are keeping when there's a lot of clutter. Be sure to separate the donation pile from the consignments; donating is a great way to get rid of these things, but if you think they have monetary value you may want to take them to a consignment shop. (Note: Consign items must be clean, ironed, recent styles, and usually on hangers.)


Then What? 

Once your items are sorted, you can see how much of each category you have and designate areas to suit the quantity of each type. 

If you have more than one closet rod area, determine the quantity of each type to see what fits where so you don't have to split them.  You may need to change out your bulky hangers for the newer, flat velvet ones so you have more space. Consistency of the hangers is another way to have a prettier closet, which motivates you to keep it pretty. 

Having a good shoe organizer that works in your closet or under the bed is important; designate a spot on one of the shelves for purses, too, so they are all together.  Containers or baskets are useful for small items such as travel things, scarves, small containers, etc. 

Once you have re-hung your clothing, you may want to adjust them by color order - lights to darks so you can see all your white blouses, or black slacks. This will help you stop buying more of the same, and you may re-discover things you forgot you had. (Tip: I also like to hang something I've worn but will wear again before cleaning with the hanger on backwards so I know it's not as fresh.)

But What About Sets? 

If you have an outfit that you always wear together (skirt, top, jacket set...), then hang the set together and have an area just for sets.  This way you aren't looking all over the closet for the 3-4 piece set.


To Fold or Not To Fold?  

Not everyone likes to fold, and others don't like to hang things like t-shirts, sweaters, and so on. 

If you are a folder and have shelves or drawers for them, then categorize them and decide by quantity and convenience whether they go in a drawer or on a shelf. (There are even drawer organizers you can get at various stores that carry organizing products to keep things like underwear, bras, socks sorted so they don't end up going all over the place.)

Also, when folding make the items consistent so they look nice and stack well. Otherwise, they may fall over and get messy again, and you're back to square one.

If you aren't a folder, then hanging those T-shirt's will work better for you. You need to work with the space and storage you have, which may mean a little mental adjustment so you can enjoy all the work you've put into this project.


Whew! Am I Done Yet? 

If you can look into your closet or drawers and feel a sense of peace, joy, and know where your things are, then you are done. 

It doesn't have to be perfect, but so many people waste time because they don't know where something is, forget they have it, or don't know where to put it. 

Take some time to evaluate your situation, be kind to yourself, and enjoy the journey. It will give you a more peaceful outlook and can be quite energizing!



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