Several family members point finger at Mark Redwine in Dylan's disappearance


Elaine Redwine just wants her son, Dylan Redwine, home and she hopes that her ex-husband had nothing to do with his disappearance but she said it is possible.

Appearing on the Dr. Phil show on Feb. 26 and 27 Elaine Redwine said that when she first heard that Dylan was missing her gut reaction was that her husband had something to do with it. Dr. Phil McGraw, a well-known mental health professional, is the host of the Dr. Phil daytime talk show.

“I do believe that Mark had something to do with Dylan's disappearance. I do believe he knows more,” Elaine Redwine said.

Elaine and Mark Redwine came face-to-face for the first time since their son went missing. She and other family members believe Mark Redwine knows more than he is letting on and that he is not doing anything to help find Dylan.

Elaine Redwine said her ex-husband has been very evasive and when he informed her that their son was missing he did it by text message and has refused to talk to her. In fact he hasn't talked to her in three years. She said she has tried on a number of occasions to talk to him and being on the show would provide a forum for her to do so and get questions answered.

Dylan Redwine disappeared on Nov. 19 after going to visit his father for Thanksgiving in Vallecito. Mark Redwine has said that he went to run errands that morning and when he got back Dylan was gone. He assumed that the teen was with his friends because he was supposed to meet up with them that day. When he didn't return later that afternoon he reported him missing. Dylan's backpack and cell phone were also missing. The last text Dylan sent was at approximately 9:30 p.m. the night before.

A mail carrier has said she saw Dylan and another boy walking down the road the day he went missing and reiterated that during a pre-recorded message on the Dr. Phil show, however the La Plata County Sheriff's Office has not been able to confirm that.

Mark Redwine told Dr. Phil that he believes Elaine Redwine could have something to do with Dylan's disappearance because over the last few months she has been trying to keep Dylan from him. He also said that she did not try to call him after Dylan disappeared. She responded by telling him that he always lies.

“Where is Dylan? You know where Dylan is Mark. You where the last one to see him, you were the last one to have any contact with him. It was on your watch. Where is the responsibility? When do you sit back and say `I lost Dylan',” Elaine Redwine yelled.

Elaine Redwine isn't the only one who thinks Mark Redwine had something to do with Dylan's disappearance. Their older son Cory believes Mark is responsible as well as Betsy, Mark's first wife, and their son Brandon.

Cloud of suspicion

During the show Cory Redwine, who refuses to call Mark Redwine dad, said that, “I do believe that he took Dylan to punish my mom and essentially hurt her. I do believe Mark is paying someone to keep Dylan hidden.”

“I don't like you. I hate you. You have been nothing of a father for the last 10 years,” Cory Redwine said to Mark Redwine.

It was revealed on the show that in May of 1990 Mark Redwine violated a court order and kept his sons Brandon and Mark Allen from Besty. And then in 2003 and 2006 Mark had taken Cory and Dylan without telling Elaine.

Mark Redwine said there was a time when he took the kids to a friend's house until he could talk to his attorney the following day. He said he was concerned because of Elaine's alcohol use. Dr. Phil said Mark's first wife Betsy had told him that Mark was abusive. Betsy said Mark threatened to take the kids from her several times and that there was an incident when Mark threw her on the ground and repeatedly punched her in the face.

“I believe that Mark could do something to harm Dylan because he has a violent temper and he snaps easily,” Besty added.

“I never raised my hand to her and I never hit her with an open hand or a fist. There was times when we got into pushing matches and I recall a time when she was standing in the door and she wouldn't let me leave through the door and I physically removed her and threw her on the bed,” Mark Redwine told Dr. Phil.

An ex-girlfriend of Mark Redwine was also on the show and said she doesn't believe Mark would harm Dylan and she saw him as a loving father and he has been treated unfairly.

The La Plata County Sheriff's Office does not consider Mark or Elaine Redwine suspects in the disappearance of Dylan. Both have taken polygraph tests. Elaine passed her polygraph and Mark Redwine said he was told that he didn't pass and then he was told that the results were inconclusive and that there were some questions as to whether or not the person giving the polygraph test was qualified.

“That is unfair to you. That is absolutely unfair to you if they bring you someone that is unqualified or an inexperienced polygraph operator and put a cloud over you. That is absolutely unfair to you,” Dr. Phil said to Mark Redwine, adding that he had the best polygraph operator and resources available to him if he would like to clear his name.

The Polygraph Test

Prior to the polygraph Dr. Phil said if one of his sons were missing he would be doing everything possible to find them but he told Mark Redwine that he was acting the complete opposite. Mark Redwine did not show any emotion during the two-day taping of the show.

“You seem diametrically opposite from that. You seem smug, you seem cavalier, you seem unplugged, you seem combative. You just seem like you just aren't engaged. Which makes me think either you don't care or you already have the answer,” Dr. Phil told Mark Redwine.

Back stage Dr. Phil told Mark that if he takes the polygraph and he has nothing to do with Dylan's disappearance it will clear him.

“I don't know what happened here. If you have your son stashed somewhere or if God forbid you flew into a rage and you hurt him accidentally and he's dead, if something has happened I will help you deal with it now and we will go recover that young man. Because if you are involved it's just a matter of time,” Dr. Phil said, adding that his offer had a shelf life. “If you're not involved then there's something seriously wrong with you because your reaction to this, something's wrong.”

Mark Redwine responded by saying he's not afraid of the truth and said he feels like his being attacked. He said he's not a violent person and agreed to take a polygraph. Dr. Phil arranged for Jack Trimarco to administer the test but when it came down to it he backed out first saying his blood pressure was up and he would do it the next day. The next day 20 minutes into the test Mark Redwine said he didn't sleep well the night before and had drank a half a bottle of Jim Beam and said he didn't feel well enough.

Trimarco said in all of years of giving polygraph tests he had never encountered anyone who refused to take a polygraph test in a missing child case whether they were involved or not.


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