Douglas County

Rumored threats lead to increased patrols at schools

Staff report

Law enforcement officials say there is no imminent danger, but patrols are being increased at three local schools in response to rumored threats.

An initial threat was stated earlier this week on social media and that grew to rumors of more threats at additional schools, according to a Douglas County Sheriff's Office news release issued Thursday afternoon. The increased patrols are at three of the county's high schools: Douglas County, Castle View and D.C. Oakes.

The release stated the sheriff's office, the Castle Rock Police Department and the Douglas County School District are working together to investigate and that the rumored threats are not presently being seen as "credible."

The release goes on to say:

"Law enforcement asks everyone to keep in mind that rumors, even those with no facts behind them, spread very quickly. Sending a message, or posting unconfirmed information, can contribute to an atmosphere of fear. 

"Additional rumors regarding suicide pacts have also been actively investigated, and the rumors are false."

The Douglas County Coroner's Office confirmed Thursday that there have been four teenage suicides in the county within the past two weeks but said they are not believed to be related.