Rosier competes for second term

County commissioner incumbent fosters economic growth


After serving three and a half years on the board of county commissioners, Don Rosier needs little introduction to the political arena.

Drawing on his experience as commissioner from District 3, which includes all of southern Jeffco, Rosier is preparing for a second term as the Republican candidate.

“I have the highest and best interest of all residents,” Rosier said. “I'm here for them — I'm not here for me.”

He plans to continue to support economic development in the county, and outlines priorities for his second term that includes partnering with local businesses, creating more jobs and improving “quality of life” by taking a hard look at senior housing options.

“They are the issues that are affecting different segments of Jefferson County,” he said.

Rosier is known for his work with the Jeffco Economic Development Corporation (EDC). Through the EDC program Forward Jeffco, the organization estimates at least 558 new jobs over the next five years for the county. The program intends to eventually add 7,500 jobs.

“We've brought in 3,000 jobs to Jefferson County in the last three years,” Rosier said. “I'm very impressed with how things have moved forward.”

In 2011, he was Colorado Counties' Freshman Commissioner of the Year for the State and was awarded the 2012 Elected Official of the Year by the Jeffco EDC and the West Chamber of Commerce.

After the September 2012 floods, he coordinated recovery efforts between the county, the state, FEMA and Homeland Security. The rebuilding of State Highway 72 through Coal Creek Canyon was the only road rebuilt in the final configuration, Rosier said.

“All the other roads they have to go back through — those were temporary fixes,” he said. “That was with a lot of hard work with CDOT, with the Governor's Office, with Homeland Security with other federal agencies (FEMA) to make sure that was a smooth transition and process.”

He doesn’t dismiss the claim that at times his approach to county matters may come off as rude.

“Do I say things that after I say it go, 'not the best choice of words?' Yeah. I screw up just like everybody else and unfortunately for me, a lot of the times that I screw up, I’m being recorded,” he said. “I try to do the best I can – there are items that are very serious that my intensity will come out because it is serious for everybody,” he said.

But Rosier maintains that he is very much involved with residents and it’s that aspect of the job that he likes most. 

“I love being able to get out and talk to the residents of Jefferson County, the business owners — to advocate for Jefferson County,” he said. “It's a privilege to be county commissioner and I take that very seriously.”

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