Robert Dubac's The Book of Moron

Event Dates
Sunday, Friday, and Saturday from Friday, July 11, 2014 through Sunday, July 27, 2014
Event Location
Vintage Theatre
1468 Dayton St.

Robert Dubac’s "The Book of Moron"

returns to Denver in July!

"3.5 Stars Out of 4!"

“A terrific show!” “Witty and incisive!”

- the Denver Post

Robert Dubac’s "The Book of Moron"takes up residence at the Vintage Theatre in Aurora for three weekends in July.Performances are 8pm on Fridays and Saturdays and 2pm on Sundays from July 11 through July 27. Tickets are $25.00 ($20.00 advance purchase), with teenagers 13 - 19 years old getting in free with a paid adult, and are now on sale by calling 303-856-7830 or on line at The Vintage Theater is located at 1468 Dayton St., Aurora, CO.

In "The Book of Moron"Dubac portrays Robert, an everyman who has lost sight of the bigger picture. He’s been bombarded by so much misinformation and hype and spin he can’t remember who he is or what he believes in. Does he have a purpose? Can he think for himself? Is the truth in the details or in the pudding? He hasn’t a clue. He racks his brain searching for answers. Instead he finds voices. Inner voices who pull him into a hysterical parallel universe in search of the bigger picture. It’s a head trip – on a banana peel.

First his VOICE OF REASON convinces him to think outside the box but not without a fight from his INNER MORON. Then his COMMON SENSE teaches him critical thought so he can think for himself instead of relying on the Media. Next his INNER CHILD shows him how to use just enough innocence to question authority without getting spanked. Then his INNER ASSHOLE urges him to use both four syllable and four letter words to battle censorship.

“Hilarious,” “Intelligent,” “Provocative,” “Scorching” all describe Robert Dubac’s new solo show "The Book of Moron". Combining theater with stand-up, Dubac buckles us up for a fast-paced joy ride over the pot-holed highways of cultural hypocrisy. Riding shotgun with intelligence and absurdity he crashes head first into the barriers of sex, race, religion, politics and the media. "The Book of Moron" is a hilarious journey down the rabbit hole of hype and spin in search of the elusive truth.

Vintage Theatre presents Robert Dubac’s "The Book of Moron" - July 11 – 17 Fri-Sat @ 8pm / Sun @ 2pm. $25.00 ($20.00 advance). Teenagers 13 - 19 years old get in free with a paid adult. 303-856-7830 or on line at The Vintage Theater, 1468 Dayton St., Aurora, CO 80010.