Right time for gun talks


The March 21 editorial reported that some sheriffs believe it is untimely to consider gun control legislation in the wake of recent gun tragedies. Unfortunately, the politics surrounding gun regulation stifles rational debate during “normal” times.

Even though many of us have supported more effective gun regulation for a long time, it seems to take a tragedy to focus public interest on the matter. Furthermore, government is often reactive. Recent consideration of cruise ship regulation was prompted by problems with cruise ships. A traffic signal is installed after too many accidents occur at an intersection. Wouldn’t it have been better to install the signal before the accidents happened?

Regarding guns being a part of the Western heritage — slavery is a part of the Southern heritage and racial discrimination is a part of the national heritage. Heritage is not always worthy of worship.

David Wolf


Your “Our View” editorial, “A land with problems, a nation with laws” is off the mark. Our nation is a nation with most laws ignored because it has become a nation of men, not laws. For example, the following laws are and were ignored by the nation of laws — bankruptcy laws (General Motors and Chrysler), the Defense of Marriage Act, immigration laws, marijuana laws, etc. The laws enforced are only those selected by men to be enforced. We are a nation of men, not laws.

George Risley





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