Riding the roads


Recently Alicia Caldwell (a bicyclist herself) had a column in the Denver Post titled “Stop signs are for you, too, bicyclists.”

It is wonderful to see all the bicyclists getting their exercise and enjoying the great outdoors, but they need to follow all the ‘rules of the road.’

I recently completed an AARP Driver Safety course where the instructor told us to watch out for ‘youngsters’ on bicycles as they do not yet know the ‘rules of the road’.

My reaction was that many “adult” bicyclists don’t seem to know the “rules of the road” either.

All motorists and motorcyclists need to know them and pass a test in order to get a license to drive on the roads.

I feel all bicyclists, young and old, should be required to do the same, and then be required to purchase a license plate to display on their bikes.

Then, as they are seen riding four abreast, ignoring stop signs, speeding and ignoring other road rules, their license plate numbers could be reported.

If they use the roads they should also pay to use them. They should be ticketed and fined just as others are for not following the ‘rules.’

Then we would all be safer on our roads.

Rose M. McLaughlin



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