Reflection: Learning resilience, patience


Mapleton Public Schools in 2013 is the pinnacle of a 12-year-long journey for Mapleton’s 300 graduates. Being seniors in Mapleton is a great honor because of our humble beginnings and the adversities we overcame for this moment.

We watched with excitement as Mapleton’s construction projects went from rebar and drywall to beautiful buildings. From the inauguration of a new Skyview Campus to the renovation and addition of a high school wing at York International School, we accepted the loud noises, and minor inconveniences that come with a construction site. Being part of this class shows resilience and patience.

As a graduating class, we will remember the friendly rivalry between Mapleton’s high schools. Our schools prove the saying that rivalry brings out the best in everyone. Aside from our rivalry and constant competition, we witnessed the dawn of active participation and support for all of our extracurricular activities. Air Force JROTC cadets were cheered as a crowd witnessed their command change. The Al Hower gym was filled to the brim when the boys and girls basketball teams played, and we saw the faithful return to the football field every Saturday to cheer on the Skyview Wolverines football team.

Our careers in Mapleton are ending, but our college experience is in its initial stages. I will be attending the University of Colorado at Boulder next year along with several of my friends, and the majority of our senior class will remain in state.

Although we face a harrowing journey again for four or 10 more years, we do so courageously trusting in the lessons we learned in Mapleton.

Article submitted by Mario Martinez, York International School


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