Ranch Launches Community Portal


After close to a year and a half of planning and collaboration, the Highlands Ranch Community Association and Highlands Ranch Metro District launched a one-size-fits-all online community portal on May 24.

The website, www.highlandsranch.com, offers a comprehensive, easy-to-use, A-Z online resource that allows users to find just about anything going on in the community, from when and where youth soccer clinics are being held to where to find local news to lists and links to local churches, clubs and community events.

Neither organization is doing away with their individual websites (in fact both are linked heavily in the portal along with numerous other sites), but everything one can find on those sites is now available on the portal, along with much more.   

“There are so many different organizations and so many players within the community and as an average resident you don’t know where to go to find what you are looking for,” said Jamie Noebel, community relations manager with the HRCA. “The average person doesn’t know, ‘Does the HRCA do that? Does the Metro District do that? Who really does that?’ So, we thought it would be a really good idea to come up with this portal that gives just a plethora of information on really anything and everything there is to do in Highlands Ranch.”

Aside from where to go and what to do, the site can also be used to locate other pertinent resources, such as how to contact the sheriff’s office, which hospital is the closest, and what schools are nearby, providing links to all those sites as well.

“It’s intended for residents who already live here, just as much as for people who might be thinking of relocating here,” Noebel said. “There’s a lot of cross-referencing. We are pretty excited. We think it is a neat little resource and we’ll be using it, too. We get calls all the time both at the HRCA and the Metro District where people say ‘Where do I find out about this?’ and if it’s not something we do directly, (the portal) is the first place we will be looking. We’ll be going straight to that A-Z guide.”

The first part of a branding collaboration between the two organizations, the site is somewhat like online yellow pages, just specific to Highlands Ranch and its surrounding area. And if there is anything missing, nonprofit or event-driven, Noebel said they are happy to add it.

“We’re excited to partner with the HRCA on this project,” Metro District general manager Terry Nolan added. “In today’s world of expanding online resources, this community portal offers easy online access to people looking for information about a wide variety of local resources (in Highlands Ranch).”


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