Playing to a Higher Level

Column by Michael Norton


Why is it that the Denver Broncos are winning? There are many on the Tim Tebow bandwagon now and they are pointing to his heart, his faith and his ability to be a playmaker, especially at the end of the first half or in the fourth quarter as the reasons for the recent success.

A football purest may argue that defense wins football games, and there is no doubt that the Denver Broncos defense has elevated its game to a new level. Is it because the Denver defense is that incredibly talented, or is it playing with an intensity and belief knowing if it can just keep the score down, the Denver offense can pull out a win?

We have seen it so many times before in professional sports. A team with unbelievable ability, strength, speed and skills still finds a way to lose. Teams lose because they lose heart, they lose the belief that they can win. And if they find themselves too far behind on the scoreboard, all of their ability, strength, skills and speed quickly give way to the overwhelming surge of defeat. And then it’s over.

It’s really not about Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos defense; it is about both sides of a team believing in the other side’s ability to come through when needed.

We can all benefit from that same spirit of teamwork in our personal lives whether we are at home or at work. Surrounded by people who believe in us and who will help keep things close enough so that we can find a way to win and achieve success? Maybe it’s our spouse or significant other. We may have children or close friends who are a part of our team. Whoever it is, we need to be able to count on them to play their role on our team and come through when we need them and vice versa.

There are times, especially as we come upon the end of the year where we are feeling burnt out, stressed, tired and just ready for the year to be over. We are dragging bottom and we count on our team mates to lift us up, carry us forward, re-energize us with ideas, opportunities and love. And then there will be times when we have people on our team that are suffering, hurting or feeling low and we will need to do our part in stepping up to pull them forward.

When we are part of a well balanced team we have a much better chance of minimizing or eliminating our mistakes and we also have a much greater chance of winning the close ones. Occasionally we may have to scramble to come up with a big play, and sometimes we may have to count on a turnover and for the ball bounce our way. But when our offense, our defense, and even our special teams know that they can count on each other to keep us in every aspect in the game of life, we will surely finish the season with a winning record.

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