Peterson pleads for peace

Pat Hill
Green Mountain Falls’ trustee Margaret Peterson attempted to lay to rest false rumors and innuendoes that are running rampart in town. Peterson is reading from a prepared statement.
Pat Hill

In a town divided by conflicts, trustee Margaret Peterson read from a prepared statement near the end of the meeting. Among her let’s-get-this-straights were:

• Initiating a town manager does not change the form of government;

• There is no extra pay for employees who do several jobs, including snow plowing by McArthur and his assistants. All salaries are separated into budget items.

“Please get the facts straight — it will help to promote and make this community strong. We don’t need to be divided over false information, innuendos, gossip and lies. Let’s all do what’s right and help heal the divisiveness that’s happening and make this community strong and unified again,” Peterson said.