People in many fields must report abuse


When a law on reporting of elder abuse takes effect next year, people in the following categories, whether paid or unpaid, will be required to report cases of known or suspected abuse or exploitations:

• Physicians, surgeons, physicians’ assistants, osteopaths, physicians in training, podiatrists, occupational and physical therapists

• Medical examiners and coroners

• Registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and nurse practitioners

• Emergency medical service providers

• Hospital and long-term care facility personnel engaged in the admission, care or treatment of patients

• Chiropractors

• Psychologists and other mental health professionals

• Social workers

• Clergy members

• Dentists

• Law enforcement officials and personnel

• Court-appointed guardians and conservators

• Fire protection personnel

• Pharmacists

• Community-centered board staff

• Personnel of banks, savings and loans, credit unions and other financial or lending institutions

• Home health providers and associated personnel

To report cases of abuse or neglect, call Arapahoe County’s 24-hour neglect hotline at 303-636-1750. Reports can be made anonymously and confidentially.

Adult protection cases are typically open for 90 days or less while the caseworker helps to connect the at-risk resident to community-based services to keep victims safe and supported. This could include applying for Medicaid and securing in-home care, housekeeping and transportation assistance. In some cases, the courts appoint a conservator to oversee the client’s financial assets and stop exploitation.


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