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Passion fuels purpose, drives performance


Have you ever been truly inspired, I mean really fired up about something?

Maybe it's a new job, a physical or financial goal, a project, a relationship, a fresh start. When we are fueled by passion - and a desire to engage in the pursuit of our goals - our performance is enhanced regardless of what we are doing.

Passion fuels purpose, purpose drives performance, performance leads to results, and results inspire hope.

The passionate student will study hard and complete homework assignments in the pursuit of good grades and higher education opportunities. The passionate salesperson will make prospecting calls and learn everything they can about their products, industry, and potential customers recognizing that their efforts will directly impact their income. The passionate spouse will remember all the little things that ignite romance as they continue to enjoy a healthy and love filled relationship.

There are so many examples that I can share but what I am talking about here is that when we have passion we will do the behaviors necessary to achieve the levels of success that we so desire.

As I talk with people who feel like their personal performance or results have plateaued or even slipped or dipped, a simple diagnostic discussion about their behaviors quickly reveals that there is a loss of interest, a lack of desire, and a bit of mystification about their purpose.

We have to remember that we cannot manage our results; we can only manage our behaviors. And our behaviors are largely driven by our passion.

You can imagine what happens to the student that stops studying or doing homework. And what would happen to the salesperson that stopped making calls to prospects or customers? And all of us can probably remember a time when we missed an opportunity to show our spouse a little more love and affection. 

I have a few friends that are really into fitness and even though they may not feel like getting to the gym or following a healthy diet, they do it because they are passionate about their physical fitness goals. I know many salespeople who really dislike, maybe even hate making prospecting or cold calls, but they do it because they are passionate about their income potential. And I know some of the best business owners and managers who make sacrifices and nurture their teams because they are passionate about their people and seeing them succeed personally and professionally.

It starts with passion and provides us with hope. And when we have that passion and we are inspired by hope we will do the behaviors necessary to take us where we want to be in all aspects of our life. 

What are you passionate about? What gets you really fired up? I would love to hear all about it at And when our behaviors are driven by our passion, our results and hope will really make this a better than good week. 

Michael Norton is a resident of Highlands Ranch, the former president of the Zig Ziglar Corporation and the CEO/founder of


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