Parker mayoral candidates outline goals


All mayoral candidates were asked the same three questions via e-mail. A short bio about their personal life precedes each Q&A section.


Mike Waid

Waid, a married father of two who has lived in Parker since 2000, has served on Parker Town Council since 2008.

Originally from Albuquerque, N.M., Waid and his wife, Pamela, started their family in Fort Collins. Waid is the owner of Mike Waid & Associates Inc., which publishes community magazines, including Search Parker Magazine.

From the day of his 18th birthday, when Waid registered to vote, politics and community support have been two of his passions, his website says.  As a small business owner for over 10 years, Waid says he has developed a very conservative fiscal outlook.

What makes you the best candidate for mayor?

My combination of government, small business and leadership experience makes me the ideal choice for mayor of Parker.  I’ve been involved with town government for over nine years, with the last four serving on Town Council. I’ve owned a small business in Parker for over 10 years and I have served our community on numerous nonprofit foundation boards.

As a lifelong Republican, I combine my business/government/leadership experience with fiscally conservative values to give the citizens of Parker a unique leader.  By running the town like a business, this approach makes me the best choice for mayor of Parker.

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing Parker and what would you do to meet that challenge?

The successful future of Parker will be based on a pro-business, pro-Parker stance.  The Town of Parker provides its citizens with a quality life second to none. With award-winning recreation, top-quality police and amazing cultural opportunities, Parker provides a lifestyle equity that we all enjoy.

Different than many other communities, Parker derives two-thirds of its funding from sales tax. This means we must continue to have a vibrant and growing economic base. Likewise, a healthy residential base provides employees for the local employers and shoppers for the businesses. The biggest challenge is losing sight of this.

Parker’s sales tax revenue is rising once again. Where do you think the money would best be spent?

With rising revenues, the town should focus on three areas. First, paying down debt early to save money on long-term interest charges. Second, investing in the revenue-producing mechanism for the town through positive economic development and business support. Third, saving for large capital improvement projects in the near, mid and long term.  By spending the citizen’s money conservatively and planning for cost savings opportunities, we can continue to provide the high quality of life our citizens enjoy while minimizing their tax burden.

Lisa Coe

Coe, a married mother of two, has lived in Parker since 2004 and has served on Town Council since being elected in 2008.

As a military child and wife, Coe has lived in numerous states and in Germany.  Prior to her husband retiring as a U.S. Air Force colonel, Coe moved to Parker because she believed it would be a great place to raise her family. In 2004, she started teaching at Sagewood Middle School.  In 2008, she transferred to Cimarron Middle School.

She has been involved in the community through Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts and the National Junior Honor Society.

What makes you the best candidate for mayor?

I am the only conservative candidate with the voting record to prove it. Parker is a great town and I will represent all citizens, areas, and businesses equally. I have no special interests or agenda. I voted against using taxpayer money to subsidize business rents for three years on Mainstreet. I voted against the funding of the PACE Center because the council would not put it to the voters and tied funding to the police station. I deeply care about the citizens of Parker. I want to make sure that the decisions we make do not waste our tax dollars.

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing Parker and what would you do to meet that challenge?

A few of our challenges are sign code, growth, infrastructure, and providing services.  I will work with council, staff and businesses to develop a sign code that will work for everyone. Let’s make it easy to do business in Parker. I will lead council in planning to meet our growing infrastructure needs and advanced planning to provide services to all citizens and encourage builders to complete developments and to build in areas where we need redevelopment. I will work collaboratively with neighboring communities and providers to ensure that we have the services for our rapidly increasing “active adult” population.

Parker’s sales tax revenue is rising once again. Where do you think the money would best be spent?

Sales tax is increasing for the first time in four years and now is the time to plan for the future by ensuring that we have the revenue to pay our existing debt, namely the police station and PACE Center. Then we need to fund our reserves. Our sales tax funds everything from recreation, roads, public works (snow removal), police, planning, etc. We need to continue our level of commitment to provide services in all areas, widen roads to accommodate our growing population, and to provide recreation facilities (open space/trails) that make our town a great place to live.

Adele Laurent

Laurent, a resident of Parker for 13 years, goes to school and works full time. She has a 14-year-old daughter and enjoys spending time with her pets.

Laurent, a former diver who holds world records and nearly qualified for the 1976 U.S. Olympic team, has worked with the Stroh Ranch Dolphins Swim Team and the Sumner swim league, and spent nine years working with Mainstreet Center’s children’s theater programs. She has also served on the Parker Cultural Commission and Douglas County Art Encounters Program.

Laurent ran for town council under the name Adele Kirby in 2010.

What makes you the best candidate for mayor?

As a long-time resident of Parker and volunteer in this community, I believe I understand where this community would like to go from here. Reinvesting in the community, specifically the commercial Cottonwood area, revitalizing the northern gateway to Parker would be on the top of my list of priorities.

Even more important would be the safety of our children and community, working with our schools, police and parents to find the best solution to getting our children to school safely, keeping our children and community safe in our great town. Local businesses continue to struggle and need support of the town.

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing Parker and what would you do to meet that challenge? 

As we lose the seasoned members of our Town Council I believe that the biggest issues in Parker is losing the knowledge and maturity that comes with life experience and age. It is important that the mayor and Town Council appropriately represent the community through gender, age, race and experience.

As a single mom and world champion high diver, representing the U.S. in world arenas, on stages and on TV for over 30 years, I bring with me that experience and maturity to the leadership of Town Council.

Parker’s sales tax revenue is rising once again. Where do you think the money would best be spent? 

Our goal as a town is to increase tax revenue without raising taxes, by supporting businesses, so they grow, hire and reinvest in our community. Growing the daytime activity is another huge challenge that we face, making Parker attractive to companies who can bring on employees (who can) live here, work here, play here. Another issue, the fact that my daughter at 14 years old knows more kids in her lifetime that have ended their young lives than I know in my lifetime. We need to find and support programs that give our kids hope.


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