PPC Pet Press

Jade the parrot shows off at the Woodland Park Farmers Market. Jade earned 127 votes in the Teller County Regional Animal Shelter Mayor of Divide fundraiser. Courtesy photo by Suzanne Core
Suzanne Core bottle feeds Cinnamon the alpaca whose mother couldn't feed. Now Cinnamon thinks she is human and sometimes wanders into the house.Courtesy photo
Fable, a wolf from the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center is Divide's newest ambassador, appointed as a stand in for the new 2012 vice mayor Nakai, another CWWC wolf who is a little shy. As a fundraiser the Teller County Regional Animal Shelter runs a mayoral race for Divide every two years to coincide with Woodland Park's mayoral race in Woodland Park. The difference between the two elections is that when voting for animals voters are encouraged to vote early and often and to buy their candidates at $1 a vote. Courtesy photo by Suzanne Core
Birdie, the mayor of Florissant, gives a hearty laugh showing that she doesn't take her job too seriously. Courtesy photo
Walter's fan club stuffed the Teller County Regional Animal Shelter ballot to vote him in as the the new mayor of Divide. He lives at Animal Clinic of Woodland Park. Courtesy photo by Suzanne Core
Sonja the German Shepard isn't too tough to call Nigel and Felix, the striped kitty, her friends. Courtesy photo
Dante, the black poodle, and friends hang out at the Teller County Regional Animal Shelter, Dante came in fourth in the Mayor of Divide shelter fundraiser. Courtesy photo by Suzanne Core
Gerty the pullet balances on the door to her coop where her sisters live in comfort. Chickens make excellent pets and lay eggs too. Photo by Norma Engelberg
Weezie, the Border Collie mix, is learning about her new world and growing strong. Courtesy photo
Desert Rose, a Spanish Barb, explores the fence at her new home outside of Lake George. Courtesy photo
Lucy, left, and Louie peek over the back of the couch and are ready to pounce. Courtesy photo
The city of Cripple Creek has a lot of pets in its free-roaming donkey herd. The herd spends its summer roaming through the town, eating flowers and begging for snacks from passing cars. In the winter the herd goes into its winter quarters to slim down for another summer. Photo by Norma Engelberg