Owner of pit bull pleads guilty in pet attack

Dog ended life of dachshund in convenience store parking lot


The owner of a pit bull that attacked and killed a dachshund in May at an Englewood 7-Eleven pleaded guilty to having a “dog at large” and being responsible for an animal exhibiting “dangerous behavior.”

The 28-year-old woman, an Englewood resident, appeared in Englewood Municipal Court on Aug. 8 for a pre-trial conference with the city attorney.

The city attorney, according to a news release from the City of Englewood, turned down a plea of no-contest, and told the owner that he would only accept a guilty plea.

On Aug. 11, the owner returned for a second pre-trial conference and pleaded guilty.

She was given a $300 fine on each count.

Those fines are being suspended with conditions.

As long as no similar violations occur within one year, the dog continues to train with a company called Pit-A-Ful, the owner complies with the Englewood Dangerous Dog Ordinance, pays any restitution ordered by the courts, and any time the dog is seen on a public sidewalk or street it is leashed and muzzled, no fines will be collected.

On May 16, the pit bull was running loose without any collar or tags when it approached a 63-year-old woman driving a motorized scooter through the 7-Eleven parking lot and attacked the woman’s dachshund, which was sitting at the woman’s feet.

Officers, called to the scene by an employee of the store, arrived to find the dachshund dead in the parking lot, and took possession of the pit bull.

When the owner of the pit bull arrived, she told officers that her dog had escaped and was not aggressive toward people, only other dogs, according to officers.

The owner was issued a summons and the pit bull was impounded overnight until the owner could prove ownership and that all the vaccinations were up-to-date.


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