Obama finally takes a stand


Our president has, at last, finally stood up for what he really supports. We’re all curious what it could be.
Maybe it’s decreasing unemployment, as he is always talking about jobs. No, that’s not it, as he has done nothing to alleviate the 41 percent unemployment of black youth. Perhaps it’s health care, as he is always saying how good Obamacare is. No, that can’t be it because millions of people have lost their health insurance and the Obama regime refuses to let them keep their old policies permanently. 
Aha, it must be education, right. Obama’s big on education. Wrong again. The Huffington Post reports that Obama has turned loose Attorney General Eric Holder to shut down the Louisiana school voucher program that helped many disadvantaged black students get a good education. The Louisiana Black Alliance For Education Options is fighting to help these children in distress.
So if Obama isn’t really interested in decreasing unemployment, good health insurance, or education, what is his passion?
Incredibly, it’s Iran. Obama has stoutly supported Iran by threatening to veto a bipartisan Senate bill that would use sanctions to curtail Iran’s building of a nuclear bomb. When you want to veto your own party, you are really passionate about your stand. No matter that all our allies in the Mideast are against this, so much so that Saudi Arabia is looking at buying nukes from Pakistan and partnering with Israel. 
Any thinking person has to wonder why Obama wants to coddle Iran, yet ignores black unemployment, good current health coverage, and education for under privileged children. Maybe that’s the problem. Those that voted for Obama weren’t thinking.
Charles Newton
Highlands Ranch


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It's nice to realize Charles Newton of Highlands Ranch claims I wasn't thinking by voting for President Obama, BOTH TIMES. According to Charles, the President hasn't done anything right or should I say anything right according to Charles. It's his right to criticize the President and his policies. But making the claim that those of us who "voted for Obama weren't thinking" goes a little too far in my opinion.

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