New Year’s Resolutions for America


I am interrupting my series on workout styles this month.The beginning of a new year is often accompanied by New Year’s wishes or resolutions. I have plenty to wish for but I have one wish that trumps all other wishes. This month I want to share my New Year’s wish for America with you.

It is January 2013. Thankfully, the world did not end on 12/21/12 and even after tripping on the proverbial “fiscal cliff”, America is still standing. Go USA! Sure, America is leaning a bit from the impact of 2012, but can you blame it? This great country has gone through a lot last year. From natural disasters to social and economic crisis, from shattering moral division to horrific crimes that touched the core of all Americans, 2012 was a crazy year. America found itself continuously caught in states of shock and confusion.

A wise man once told me: “A state of confusion means that one is close to a break through.” I hope that this proves true for America. My number one New Year’s wish for 2013 is that America will have some much-needed breakthroughs. defines the word breakthrough as: A significant and dramatic overcoming of a perceived obstacle, allowing the completion of a process. Boy, does America have some dramatic overcoming to do. If America wants to restore itself to its formal luster, it will have to get over the shock of 2012 and have some of these breakthroughs, and fast.

For America to have any significant breakthroughs, the American people will need to have some breakthroughs first. When the human body is ailing its healing starts at the cellular level. The American people represent the cells of the body that makes up our country. If Americans have the breakthroughs they need the country will consequently have the breakthroughs it needs, and overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of completing its process to recovery. In my opinion, this needs to happen from the inside out, starting with what Michael Jackson described as; “ The man in the mirror.” To change what is around us, we first need to change what is within us.

The first breakthrough I wish for is for Americans to realize how crucial it is to become more responsible for one’s own personal health. America’s healthcare system is a mess. Too many people have no insurance and for those that do, problems still exist. For example, last year there were regular shortages in the availability of medications. For more information visit:

Getting sick is risky and expensive. Chronic disease numbers are at an all time high and too many Americans are depending on medications that could be substituted by a healthier lifestyle. It is time to take better care of one’s personal health by making better choices, including moving more and eating better. If we focus more on disease prevention instead of recovery, we can collectively lessen healthcare costs and lighten the burden on Americans. America is only as robust as its people. If Americans become healthier, so will America.

Another breakthrough I wish is for is for Americans to realize they need to increase their self-discipline; discipline to keep moving forward and the discipline to make the right choice instead of the most appealing choice. Moderation, perseverance and restraint are not dirty words. Wants clearly outweigh needs in the current American culture. Americans need to get back to fundamentals but don’t want to. America is moving towards becoming a nation of entitlements and complacency. This past year, I believe we did tip the scale out of balance. For 2013, I wish Americans to be more conscious of the rewards that discipline can yield. Developing the discipline to control impulses and stay the course will help us grow stronger in many ways. Whatever helps Americans grow stronger will certainly help America grow stronger as well. See the connection?

Lastly, I wish that in this new year more Americans will realize how much they still have to be grateful for. America’s spirit may be bruised but it is not broken. Too many Americans have lost their enthusiasm. The national cup is no longer half full, it is half empty. It’s time to do what needs to be done. Americans should consider 2012 a reality check. Instead of seeking change, we need to be the change. Part of that change is being thankful and appreciate all that is good about America and Americans.

We are in this together—rich and poor, young and old, black and white, religious and atheists, straight and gay, and every other variety that is America. If we focus on possibilities and solutions instead of pointing fingers and placing blame, we just might find a way.

To all my readers, I hope 2013 will provide you with all the breakthroughs you need to overcome your personal obstacles and bring you health, happiness and prosperity.


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