New Year’s Lawn Resolution


Growing up as a PK (Preacher’s Kid) in the small farming community of Chebanse, Illinois, I often listened to adult conversations when members of my dad’s congregation stopped by the parsonage to visit. One conversation, I remember, taught me how to mow straight lines and now inspires me to suggest to you a New Year’s Lawn Resolution.

A visiting family explained how they were teaching their son to plow. They taught him to focus his eyes on an object directly across the field and drive the tractor straight for it, never looking away. In front of everyone around the table, they acknowledged how perfectly straight his crop rows were. The young boy was beaming with confidence and his dad was very proud of him.

When I came of age to mow lawns, I recalled this conversation, fired-up the lawn mower, spotted a fence post on the opposite side of the yard and headed straight for it, never taking my eyes off of it. The result was a perfect stripe across the center of the yard. No more maze-like mowing patterns or curvy lines. I now had a method to achieve that major league look, straight stripes, alternating between light and dark green.

Mowing straight for an object across the yard results in straight lines but it also reminds me how to live a goal oriented life. New Year’s is a popular time to set goals for different areas of our lives.  This process involves making the appropriate plans, determining courses of action, and staying focused while heading straight for them, never loosing sight of our goals. Have you ever considered a resolution for your lawn?

Beautiful healthy lawns are simply a sight to behold. Each blade of grass perfectly manicured to the specifications of the homeowner. Time and energy spent on pulling weeds, trimming bushes, and planting flowers are also small investments noticed by neighbors. These homeowners work hard at a maintenance plan to obtain satisfaction from their yards. I’m confident these homeowners set lawn maintenance goals, devise plans, take action, and keep the course to achieved a beautiful lawn.

This season, I would like to recommend a New Year’s Lawn Resolution that includes a plan to combat Colorado’s poor soil and harsh weather through top dressing.  These past several summers have been brutal on our lawns. Mother Nature came at us hard with record high temperatures and below average precipitation. Although we can’t control the weather, we can change the structure of the soil and food web beneath the lawn through top dressing to produce a more beautiful lawn.

Top dressing fills aeration holes with a composted manure soil amendment full of nutrients, living microorganisms, sandy loam, and water absorbing organic matter. Leaving aeration holes empty before a potentially dry season stresses the roots and provides no medium for roots to grow into. Feeding the soil’s microbes regularly with organic matter enables them to feed your lawn continuously. The other components of the top dressing mix creates a more porous soil structure capable of retaining the moisture we do receive or apply with sprinkler systems.

Nolan’s Lawn Service believes the soil beneath a healthy lawn contains a thriving food web loaded with microorganisms, organic matter, nutrients, sand, and worms to sustain the grass while conserving resources or during times of stress. Top dressing a lawn with fertile soil on a regular basis creates the proper soil structure and food web to improve every aspect of your lawn maintenance program toward producing a lush eco-friendly lawn.

Finally, choose wisely the topics of conversation around the kitchen table and consider top dressing this year. The conversations your kids listen in on might motivate them to mow your lush lawn so it looks great. Happy New Year!


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