New Year, New Excuse to Re-decorate


Merry Christmas and now a very Happy New Year as well! What a fantastic time this is to be Out with the Old, the tired, the boring (hint hint – I’m speaking of Christmas décor that you don’t like anymore) and in with the New!! New ideas about the home, decorating and how to organize it!

Putting away Christmas decorations after a month with them out makes your home feel less cluttered already, so in that vein, let’s get cracking!  With your family’s help (or alone) remove from your home any of the decorations that you realized this year (while staring at them all December) you no longer like. Put them in opaque garbage sacks so that you won’t pilfer from your own discards and take them to Goodwill or a friend who DOES like that particular crocheted wreath or plastic Santa. 

Once this is done, we can look at your rooms in a whole new light. What else would you like to purge? If this question doesn’t make you feel like cleaning out, then let’s put it another way.  Pretend that you are moving or having your in laws (or boss) over for cocktails for New Year’s.  If you want to pretend that you are moving, then what do you have that is just not worth packing up? What are you not willing to drag from your current home to a fictitious new one? That often works for my clients when it comes to creating a desire to purge.

If this does not engage you in this wonderful exercise, then let’s try another approach. Your mother in law is coming! Your boss! Your spouse’s boss! Whoever that you can channel to look at your home with fresh eyes. You would be surprised once you have removed one item how far the groove can take you

I have another idea! Flipping through old (or new) home decorating magazines can do the trick also! If you keep on hand past issues of Pottery Barn, Traditional Home or Southern Home, Arhaus, Ralph Lauren Home, Veranda, Martha Stewart Home or any other wonderful magazines with overpriced items, then you are in business! Don’t hire a decorator to help you decide when these magazines have spent hours and thousands to make sure that every glossy photo catches your eye with strategically placed items.

I have staged before, and let me tell you, they make it look easy! The bookshelves, tables and credenzas are flawlessly and casually laden with beautiful posed stacks of books, photos and items, which are wonderfully pleasing to the eye. Furniture is also perfectly placed in the room and the colors work effortlessly together. Only it wasn’t effortless at all. It only looks it!

Pinterest is also a fantastic way to get ideas for decorating, furniture placement and color combination ideas. There are a million photos and thousands of topics. So get out there and make your home a place you want to be in. Let your home work for you!


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