McAfee back on home ground


Former Woodland Park resident, John McAfee, 67, arrived in Miami Dec. 12 on a commercial American Airlines flight.

Expelled from a detention center in Guatemala City, Guatemala, McAfee has been on the lam since authorities in his home in Belize declared him a person of interest in the death of his neighbor, Gregory Faull Nov. 11.

Founder of Tribal Voice, which developed an instant-message system, and the McAfee anti-virus software, sold both businesses to concentrate on the healing arts. At the beginning of the millennium, he opened his Woodland Park mansion on Arapahoe Street as a studio for yoga, massage therapy and quing gong,

In “The Fabric of Self” published in 2001 by Woodland Publications, McAfee writes in the chapter titled Violence: “Violence is rooted in fear, and we are filled with fears and suspicions. We may not openly assault our neighbors or take out our frustrations on innocent bystanders, but our fears nevertheless mold our behavior, and in the heart of whatever we may muster lies the seed of violence.”


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