Mayor Turley's condition updated



According to surgeon Dr. David Hamilton, Mayor David Turley’s surgery to repair the five ribs he damaged in a motorcycle accident on Tuesday, Oct. 8 in Park County was a success Friday morning.

In a three-hour surgical procedure at Penrose Main Hospital in Colorado Springs, the doctor was able to repair 4 of the 5 broken ribs by affixing metal plates to the ribs secured by screws.

The mayor will spend this evening in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital merely as a precautionary measure. Turley was to return to his regular room on the trauma floor of Penrose main Saturday morning.

According to friends of the Mayor who were at the hospital during the surgery and spoke to the surgeon, Dr. Hamilton expects Turley to have a full-recovery.

Woodland Park Mayor Dave Turley was transported by ambulance to Penrose Main Hospital in Colorado Springs at approximately noon on Tuesday, Oct. 15. The ride down the Pass was uneventful and painless for the Mayor, which is no small feat for a person with five broken posterior ribs on the right side of his body. The Mayor’s injuries were sustained in a motorcycle accident on Tuesday, October 8th on Tarryall Road in Park County.

Turley was immediately taken to the Trauma wing of the hospital, where he met with surgeon Dr. David Hamilton of the Colorado Springs Surgical Associates, P.C. Dr. Hamilton explained the risks of not having the surgery versus the advantages of having his ribs, which are broken, not cracked, pieced back together. The surgically repaired ribs will be supported by metal straps secured by screws.

During a visit at the hospital with his trainer Cord Prettyman, the mayor said, “Once the doctor explained the pros and cons of having the surgery or doing nothing, it was a no-brainer. The surgery gives me the best chance of returning to my normal active lifestyle, which I intend to do.”

Turley is scheduled to undergo surgery at 11 am on Friday, Oct. 18. He is expected to be at Penrose Main for an additional five days post-surgery before returning home, where an army of friends stand waiting to care for him during his rehabilitation.

According to Prettyman, the Mayor is in good spirits and his usual feisty self. “DT is in a private room with an awesome view of Pikes Peak from his hospital bed and an extensive menu at his disposal from the Penrose cafeteria,” says Prettyman. “His pain, which has been considerable, is being well-managed and he appeared to be pretty comfortable as he awaits surgery.”


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