Marijuana measure lost by a 3 to 1 margin in Larkspur

Tri-Lakes mayors weigh in on Larkspur pot vote


On April 8, residents of the Town of Larkspur voted against allowing recreational marijuana facilities in the town. A week earlier, a similar measure fell in Palmer Lake.

As far as new Monument mayor Rafael Dominguez is concerned that is great news.

“After noting the results of the defeat of ballot measures associated with the question of recreational marijuana sales, it is clear the region is against it,” Dominguez said.

“Despite the prospect of sales tax revenues from the sale of marijuana, the people voted in favor of public safety and maintaining the quality of life in their communities.”

Dominguez has been strong on his stance against the sales of recreational marijuana.

The Larkspur vote was defeated 3 to 1. The ordinance would have allowed for a minimum of three recreational pot shops as well as a number of grow facilities on the north end of town.

Another ballot question asked residents whether they were in favor of an excise tax of 5 percent. It would have given residents a share of the profits from the facilities. It also lost by a 3 to 1 margin.

The Palmer Lake vote lost 538 to 481 on April 1.

Palmer Lake mayor Nikki McDonald was open to the prospect of having a recreational marijuana shop in town so that the town could collect profits from sales. She said she was not surprised by the Larkspur vote.

“I had been hearing that most of the citizens that could actually vote were not in favor of it,” McDonald said. “Especially when it was for three stores.

“Our ordinance, if it had passed, only allowed for one store. We used Manitou's ordinance as a guide. They allowed two shops for 5,000 residents. Palmer Lake's committee thought that was a great way to do it. Since our population is almost 2,500 they wrote it for one for every 2,500 people.”

McDonald added that as far she knows the Town Council will uphold the citizens' vote.

“To do another vote will have to be done by a citizens' referendum and not by the Council,” she said.


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