MARKETING: 'Stretching the Use Of' to Save Time and Money

Column by Ann Albergotti

By Ann Albergotti

No doubt you've heard of the term "stretching the dollar." These days, many people are doing exactly that. For those responsible for marketing a business, stretching time and money is a must for staying within budget and meeting marketing goals.

For business owners and other marketing professionals, creating content such as articles, an important marketing function, has proven to become a time and resource drain. Even, at times, a hit to the budget.

So here are four ways business owners or marketing professionals can save time and money by creating new content by stretching the use of just one of their articles:

1. Break It Down

Take an existing but relevant article and break it down. Single out 3-5 points within the article and summarize each point in 140 characters or less. Then use these individual bits of information as individual post on your social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn.

Note: Be sure to check out social management tools like Hootsuite or Social Oomph for further ease of scheduling your posts out over a course of time versus posting your content all at once.

2. Repurpose The Article

Take your article and turn it into a press release. Take out the "marketing fluff" and leave in the facts: who, what, when, why, where. Add an about us section at the end with contact information and release date at the top, then submit to a local paper or a trade magazine for possible publication.

3. Record The Article

Record yourself reading your article and turn the sound bite into a CD or upload to flash drives. These make perfect gifts to give away at your next trade show or at your next meeting to an important prospect.

You can also record yourself on video "speaking" to your article and its main points. Upload that video to your website or blog for additional content. Be sure to keep it short and sweet, though, due to load times and for attention deficit viewers.

4. Create A Case Study

Use any one of your article's main points and turn that into a case study to drive the point home. Add illustrations, testimonials or more examples to support your main statement.

5. BONUS: Create An eBook

If you have multiple articles created on a similar subject, group them together to create a mini eBook to sell or give away to existing customers as an appreciation gift. Each article can be the bases of a chapter. Then add an introduction, header or footer and possibly bylines, notices, appendix and a bibliography. Voila! You'll have an eBook in no time.

What other content have you created out of an article for your business?

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