Letter to the editor: Survey needs to reach parents, non-parents


Efforts by some members of the Douglas County School District are encouraging the school board to renew a community survey. If the intent is to demonstrate displeasure on the direction the school board is going with their reform efforts, reaching all stakeholders needs to be done or data collected will not be valid.

The majority of registered voters in the district (70 percent) are non-parent taxpayers and via last election those 70 percent may have had an impact on the outcome. The board should encourage individual schools to do a survey that would be site-specific seeking direction on their needs. A few questions could be added to the survey concerning overall perception about reform efforts by the district.

Individual schools need to seek input from the entire school community and not just parents. Schools send kids into the street with their fundraisers and having surveys delivered door to door in their neighborhood that could be mailed back might be one approach to reach all stakeholders.

I don't agree with special interest groups controlling policy makers in this country, but the reality is that this is a common practice at the national level and it has hit the local level.

Even though the last election wasn't won by an overwhelming majority of support, we are still a democratic society where majority rules and the vocal minority needs to accept the results and move on.

This divided community is impacting the education of the kids and both sides need to find common ground to be a positive influence in educating our youth.

Dave Usecheck