Letter to the editor: School board member the one who misleads


There's more to the story of Douglas County Board of Education Director Doug Benevento's attack on Colorado Community Media and CCM reporter Jane Reuter during the June 3 BOE meeting.

Benevento indicated that he would use his "V.P. report" time to "start correcting... misleading stories by Jane Reuter and her newspaper about the school district and the school board..."

Claiming during his diatribe against CCM and Ms. Reuter to "have several instances" of "misleading" and "sloppy" reporting, which, he griped, is "misleading people in the community," he offered Ms. Reuter's recent story, "County survey shows changing perceptions of schools," as an example.

In his fervor to discredit Ms. Reuter and company, Mr. Benevento made several "misleading" statements of his own regarding this story:

Statement: "The survey had nothing to do with the school district, actually asked no question about the school district."

Fact: Although the survey itself solicited voter input on a variety of community related questions, one item - No. 27 to be exact - did ask respondents to rate how accurately the statement: "Has good schools and educational opportunities for all ages" describes Douglas County.

Statement: "and yet... it (the survey) was reported as a school district survey."

Fact: The first sentence of Ms. Reuter's piece unambiguously refers to the survey as: "A county-sponsored survey about a variety of quality-of-life issues..." Nowhere does she suggest that the survey was "a school district survey."

One wonders just who is misleading whom?

Sheldon J. Potter
Highlands Ranch