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Letter: Why not Dan?


What will happen if the Jeffco School Board's search for a new Superintendent (using the same Search Firm and the same criteria for selection as used two years ago) comes up short?

What if no seemingly superior candidate is willing to 'grasp the nettle' here, for a short term position which will be in peril when a new Board is elected this Fall?

Will the present apparently cash-strapped lame-duck Board settle for a $360,000 (plus health benefits, moving expenses, etc.) executive, just to show its subservience to its Union masters?

Shouldn't the Board have a back-up plan to retain Dan McMinimee, who, by its own admission, has done a excellent job, pending the installation of an academics-achievement oriented Board?

Shouldn't Dan's on-the-job experience and cost-savings trump political considerations?

Russell W Haas,



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Smelly MArvin

You Nailed it! What will happen? Cindy Stevenson will happen. She is teaching at UC-Denver..... just waiting for her job back WITH A RAISE! ha ha ha "its for the kids" Now, get out there and protest the faux AP history issue

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