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Letter: Hard choices a sign of the times


I have lived in Jeffco for 40 years. I have four children well educated in Jeffco schools. My wife and I have known many Jeffco teachers over the years. These teachers have always impressed us with their skills and mostly their obvious caring about their students, as well as their love of teaching. In the late 1980's and 1990's Jeffco schools were considered to be among the best in the metro area. Sadly, I have followed the ups and downs these last years, witnessing the increasing discord in the Jeffco community.

How the times change. How could anyone not know that virtually everything in life increases in cost as time goes on. So goes the cost of education. Some neighborhoods age and adjacent areas build. New schools in grown areas must be supported. While difficult to downsize or eliminate schools in areas that can no longer "pay" for themselves with student enrollment, it is still a simple fact that there is only so much money to support schools, as Jeffco voters just proved.

Hard choices must be made. Sadly, Jeffco voters decided to turn down both 3A and 3B last November. However, every one of the surrounding school districts (Adams, Cherry Creek, Denver, and Boulder) approved school tax increases. I have heard it for many years that we owe it to the future (especially to our kids) to support our schools. Whatever may be the current situation, it is imperative we still provide for our kids and their futures. I will continue to support our schools. But, unfortunately, this school board now must make very hard choices. Fiscal choices are always very hard. But that's the boards' job and what they were elected to do. The voters have decided what this board must now confront.

Get on with it.

Bill Wehner,



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Mister Edwards

One of the differences is that Jeffco got involved with dirty politics and now the school board is not trusted. The phony recall effort, supported with outside money, was just an example of how low the left will go to get their way; lie to the people and get the kids on the streets for phony protests against AP history. The Teachers Union, not the individual teachers themselves, have lost the confidence of the voting public. The haphazard way they are going about business makes them look like a bunch of buffoons whose only motivation is teachers raises. You cant give teachers raises AND close schools.

Sorry Jeffco school board. Until you turn over, become accommodating to both sides of every issue and looking for compromise and consensus, you will NEVER pass another Jeffco bond issue.

Friday, February 24 | Report this
Michael Clark

I voted for the old board. I also voted to recall that board.

A key principle of conservatism is personal responsibility. Time and again, the old board majority actively opposed the majority opinion of the community members who voiced their concerns. They never owned up to that shortcoming, and they stood by every decision. It's no surprise that many of the very people that voted them in also showed them the door with a 66% to 33% vote. As conservatives, it is imperative that we live by our principles. It's easy to blame liberals or complain about the union boogeyman. It's much harder to be active in our community and support all of Jeffco's public schools.

If we truly value choice, we also need to accept that is more expensive than a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach. Jeffco has 150 buildings. Unless we want kids to be going to school in rundown, shoddy buildings we need to start rebuilding our schools. The average age of Jeffco schools is 50 years, and it is impossible to replace them all at once.

Friday, February 24 | Report this
Mark Clark

The school board has no plan. Send your kid to private school. The school board is a product of national level union meddling. You wonder why they can't get anything done? They owe the union so much, they do not care if they close down schools to get those teachers raises. The previous school board held the teachers accountable and the union couldn't stand that. Then they made up the fake AP history debacle..... Which had our kids in the streets instead of school!

No more bond issues until the Jeffco school board is replaced.

Friday, February 24 | Report this